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Bela B (The Doctors): Fortune of the musician

How much money does Bela B have?

Bela B became known as a member of the extremely successful band The doctors. His standing up drums and his affinity for horror and dark topics are downright iconic. He had several number 1 hits and albums with the group. Bela B has also made an appearance as an actor and author. He starred in a Quentin Tarantino film and wrote a novel. The cherished Bela B’s assets are 15 million euros.

What Bela B does for a living

Income from Bela B
Bela B’s main source of income is the music he is using The doctors and does as a solo artist. In the course of its history, the band had nine albums and five singles, which were at the top of the German charts. The concerts of The doctorsthat are always sold out within minutes. With this income he was able to build his fortune.

Bela B occasionally works as an actor in film and television and as a speaker in audio books. His novel Scharnow sold well after its release in March 2019 and landed high in the German charts.

The creation of The doctors

Bela B, whose real name is Dirk Felsenheimer, played drums as a teenager. He also became interested in punk at an early age and joined a band when he was at school. In 1980 he founded the Soilent Grün group with three friends. A year later, Farin Urlaub joined the band, which split up in May 1982. Thereupon Bela B and Farin formed Urlaub in the same year together with the bass player Sahnie The doctors. The trio released the album in 1984 Debile and in 1985 the successor In the shadow of the doctors out. Then Bela B and Farin Urlaub separated from Sahnie.

Rise to one of the most successful German bands

Merit of Bela B
Bela and Farin released the albums as a duo The doctors (1986) and That’s not the whole truth … (1988) and the compilation That’s all? (1987). In July 1988 the band broke up. The live album released in October 1988 After us the flood became the band’s first number 1 release. Felsenheimer founded the group SUMP in 1989, which also included guitarist Atze Ludwig and bassist Rodrigo González. The band soon renamed themselves Depp Jones and recorded two albums, which, however, had no commercial success. When Farin Urlaub asked Bela B in 1993 The doctors to re-establish, this agreed. Rodrigo González joined as the new bass player.

After their comeback were The doctors to one of the most successful German-speaking bands ever. This also gave them a financial blessing and made for a large fortune for the band members. From 1993 to 2020 they released ten studio albums, six of which reached the top of the German charts. Then there are the five singles Cry out for love (1993), A pig called men (1998), Unrockable (2003), Young (2007) and True romance (2020), which were also number 1 on the sales list in Germany.

Bela B on solo paths

Bela B brought out his first one in 2006 Solo album bingo on the market. 2009 followed Code B, 2014 Bye and 2017 bastard. The first three long-playing records were represented in the top 10. In addition to music, he is also active in other artistic ways. In 2004 he took the audio book with Thomas D from Die Fantastischen Vier Faust vs. Mephisto and in 2005 a spoken version of the novel with actress Catherine Flemming Venus in fur on.

Felsenheimer also occasionally appears as an actor, including in Movie Inglourious Basterds (2009) by Quentin Tarantino as well as in the series M – A city is looking for a murderer (2019). His first novel to be titled Scharnow bears, was released in 2019. He had previously written the stories for a number of comics that he had published through his now-defunct publisher Extrem Successful Enterprises. This enables Bela B to further expand its assets.

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