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Tony Robbins: Author’s Net Worth & NLP Trainer

How rich is Tony Robbins?

Anthony “Tony” Robbins is an American writer who has written numerous bestselling books. As an NLP trainer and coach, he has dedicated himself to neuroassociative conditioning and the personal development of his clients. The American is one of the best speakers in the world and has worked with numerous Hollywood stars. Born in 1960 and with a not always easy childhood, he is now living the American Dream. The cherished Tony Robbins’ net worth is € 500 million.

The childhood and life of Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins Income
The American was born in California in 1960. Tony grew up as one of three children in Los Angeles. The separation of his parents dealt him a severe blow. For the next several years, young Tony commuted between his mother and father. In 1973 his mother married Jim Robbins. After a short time, the thirteen-year-old and his stepfather had a close relationship. It wasn’t always easy for families with three children in expensive LA. Childhood was marked by financial difficulties. Tony Robbins had an early desire to be successful and financially independent later.

NLP coach, speaker and entrepreneur

During a period of self-discovery, Tony Robbins attended a Jim-Rohn seminar that focused on self-help programs. A short time later, he got a job at this company and became the best employee. Later, the epitome of the American dream centered on NLP techniques. He learned the technique of neurolinguistic programming from NLP founder John Grinder. The Californian is known worldwide as a speaker and entrepreneur. With the books “Robbins Power Principle”, “Money – 7 Steps to Financial Freedom” or “Unassailable: Your Strategy for Financial Freedom” released Robbins’ real bestsellers.

The successful coach and speaker owns over 30 different companies in different industries. With its diversified portfolio the entrepreneur generates annual sales of over one billion US dollars.

Prominent collaboration

According to Forbes ranks Tony Robbins among the 20 most influential Americans. This assessment is no coincidence. As one of the best speakers and multi-millionaire, he moves in illustrious circles. In his past, Anthony Robbins has worked with numerous celebrities who, in turn, are great influences. Among other things, the NLP coach has advised President Bill Clinton and sports stars like Mike Tyson, Diego Sanchez and Andre Agassi.

Tony Robbins’s earnings

Anthony Robbins' fortune
Tony Robbins generates income from a variety of sources. With his self-help approach, the entrepreneur has built an empire that offers seminars, books, lectures, private coaching and many other services. He also invests in various companies in order to further build up his wealth. For a private lecture, the speaker charges between 300,000 and one million US dollars. In 2005, Tony Robbins’ revenue exceeded $ 30 million a year. With his program “Unleash the Power Within” he has already generated more than 10 million US dollars.

Luxurious possessions and philanthropist

Tony Robbins’ fortune includes many luxury goods. For example He owns an all-inclusive luxury resort in Fiji. He bought this property at the age of 29. To date, its value has quadrupled.

In addition to his luxury goods, the American does volunteer work. His Anthony Robbins Foundation, founded in 1991, supports youth, homeless people and prison inmates. In addition his foundation focuses on the fight against hunger. For example, the profits from the bestseller “Money: Master the Game” went to the non-profit organization “Feeding America”.

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