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Ben Stiller: The Actor’s Fortune

How rich is Ben Stiller?

Ben Stiller has joined the ranks of the top-earning male actors in Hollywood several times. Between June 2007 and the summer of the following year, the star is said to have raked in fees of 40 million US dollars. In 2011 Stiller only earned 34 million US dollars. However, this has still put him in 6th place among the best paid actors. Over the years, the father of two has proudly grown his fortune. The cherished Ben Stiller’s net worth is € 180 million.

Comedy & Acting

Income from Ben Stiller
His sense of humor made this man filthy rich. The propensity for the comic runs in the family. Stiller’s parents, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, were also able to make a name for themselves as well-known comedians. The fact that the family lived in New York during Stiller’s childhood and youth was very beneficial for the son’s career in view of the many comedy clubs in the Big Apple. Already At the age of ten, the future Hollywood star was seen for the first time on TV. Few fans will be surprised that Ben Stiller never finished his studies.

Instead of studying the native New Yorker preferred to shoot a parody of the film “The Color of Money” and assigned himself the role of Tom Cruise. The fact that “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) broadcast the film in 1987 was a real stroke of luck for the budding comedian. He was suddenly known across the United States and even got a role in a Steven Spielberg film. From the late 1980s, Ben Stiller worked regularly at SNL.

An impressive career – an impressive fortune

Stiller got his first own television show in 1990. Although MTV was initially responsible for the format, it was broadcast on FOX from 1991 onwards. Even an Emmy Award for the show shouldn’t reach it. After three seasons, the TV format came to an abrupt end. But Ben Stiller was not deterred by a few more flops. Even though “Generation X” and “Cable Guy – the annoyance” are not his biggest hits, the star has stubbornly stayed on the ball. The comedian finally made his big Hollywood breakthrough in 1998 with the hit movie “Crazy About Mary”. For this hit, Ben Stiller received a fee of 3 million US dollars.

Ben Stiller's fortune
The divorced Hollywood star was able to enjoy some of his other great successes in the next few years with comedy productions such as “My Bride, Her Father and I” and with the sequel “My wife, her in-laws and I” (Gage 10 million US dollars) celebrate. In the further sequel called “My wife, our children and I”, Stiller’s sister Amy was involved. Ben Stiller was able to increase his earnings in the third part of the comedy production. He received a fee of $ 20 million for this.

Heard Owen Wilson, among the people Ben has been in front of the camera with most of the time. The duo has already appeared on the big screen around a dozen times. Oliver Rohrbeck has appeared in German-speaking countries as Ben Stiller’s dubbing voice since 1998. Whether “Zoolander” (Gage 2.5 million US dollars), “The Royal Tenenbaums”, “King of Queens”, “Temporary gangsters” (Gage 15 million US dollars) or “The amazing life of Walter Mitty,” Ben Stillers Filmography is now extremely long. In the future, too, the cinema audience can expect many more laughs from this star. The incredible fortune will also increase with it.

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