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Mike Brewer: The Car Dealer’s Fortune

How much money does Mike Brewer have?

Mike Brewer was born in London on August 28, 1964. He made a name for himself as a used car dealer and moderator. For its success the series broadcast on Discovery Channel The used car professionals was mainly responsible. In German-speaking countries you can see the successful format on DMAX. The cherished Mike Brewer’s net worth is € 1.4 million.

Passion for cars

Mike Brewer's income

Mike’s interest in cars was sparked by his father, who owned a Ford Popular that was tuned accordingly. After Mike Brewer was already had dealt with cars from childhood, was to predict his future in the automotive industry. He started his own business as a car dealer early on.

In 2003 he started working as a car dealer in the series The used car professionals (Wheeler Dealers) on the Discovery Channel shown. The concept is to buy a used car that has been neglected and is in poor condition. Mike Brewer ensures that the car is upgraded accordingly. The goal is to then sell the car again at a profit.

Mike’s side was always a mechanic, until May 2017 it was Edd China, who is also known as an inventor, moderator and above all as an entrepreneur. Edd got out of the successful format and was replaced by Ant Anstead. Received for his work in front of the camera Mike Brewer the television award “Best In Vision Personality” from the Royal Television Society.

Successful used car trade

Mike Brewer's salary

Mike Brewer runs two successful car dealerships the British chain Evolution Funding Ltd. in both Luton and Sheffield. The dealerships only have used cars. He is said to have hired an operations manager for each dealership, which means that the dealerships function entirely without his assistance in day-to-day business. This allows him to carry out other activities.

Among other things, Brewer was seen in other documentary series, all of which were related to cars. Among other things in the TV programs Auto trader, Deals on Wheels and Pulling power.

Challenging filming

Next The used car professionals he always faced new challenges and series, which Mike Brewer really challenged. For the Documentation series Frontline Battle Machines he traveled to the most dangerous countries in the world. During production in 2010, his helicopter was shot at over Afghanistan. An occupant of the helicopter was injured in the face. Mike Brewer was unharmed, but the shock remained, of course.

Earning from books

Mike Brewer's fortune

Mike Brewer is a little less known in German-speaking countries, but he has a large fan base in England. He had also realized that people want to learn from him and therefore he brought his in September 2013 a book Mike Brewer’s The Wheeler Dealer Know How! with editor Chris Randall.

His book had sold extremely well, because here he is not mainly telling his personal story, but primarily giving Tips and tricks for buying and selling all kinds of cars. The book contains explanations of how a car can be procured and which weak points a car usually has. Even a layman can thus acquire relevant expertise relatively quickly.

He also published one Guide to Supercars in 2019, this is primarily about older supercars. He also describes his favorite cars in a separate chapter and reveals why one or the other car is really good. His statements are particularly valued by tuners and used car dealers who have focused on special models. Of course, Mike Brewer continues to grow his fortune by selling his books.

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