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Berlin day and night: salary / fees of the actors

How much do the Berlin performers day and night earn?

The successful TV series Berlin Day and Night on the broadcaster RTL II has been running since 2011. It is one of the most popular reality TV series in German-speaking countries. Thus, the quotas of Berlin day and night are not surprising either. More than 1 million viewers are reached per episode, that’s impressive ratings! But many fans of BTN keep asking, how high the salaries of the Berlin day and night performers really are. We have put together some information for you in this post. The question of the TV candidates’ fees also appears in other series, but especially with BTN. After all, Berlin has almost the most fans day and night compared to other series.

Berlin day and night actor salary

We have already revealed to you which actors are behind the roles of the characters of Berlin day and night. You probably know the Berlin actors very well, day and night. Now let’s deal with that Merit of the actors. In the run-up to the installation, some important details should be mentioned in this context. Berlin Day and Night is a daily soap that is still being shot and running with more than 1000 episodes. The 1000 episode aired in August 2015. In addition to main actors, BTN also uses supporting actors and extras. Furthermore, some celebrities could be seen day and night in Berlin, such as Mickie Krause, whose fee, of course, due to the short-term employment, cannot be compared with the income of the usual actors in Berlin day and night.

The salaries of the actors of Berlin day and night

Since some different roles are seen much more often as supporting characters in the series at Berlin day and night, it is understandable that this Salary of the performers from BTN differs. As a result, an income per day of shooting that is between 50 and 200 euros day and night in Berlin is a good idea for a decent payment. We have already learned from various other sources that the salary can be as low as 20 euros per day. However, this information comes from the beginning of 2012, when the series was far from being as successful as it is today. If you consider that 99 percent of the actors in Berlin are amateurs and not trained actors day and night, the numerous days of filming still make a handsome salary. In 2021, around 2,500 euros per month will be transferred to the supporting actors.

Leading actors receive a salary of 4,000 to 6,000 euros per month

A normal month therefore has between 20 and 22 working days. If a leading actor from Berlin is busy here every day, day and night, the actor comes up with something Salary of at least 4,000 euros per month. After deducting taxes and insurance, there is a decent salary left for the most important actors in Berlin day and night at the end of the month. It looks different here, however, with the supporting roles. Not all actors involved can live from Berlin day and night. However, one must also take into account that the actors can really become famous with BTN. This of course also allows you to build additional pillars, as some have shown. Or generate additional income with merchandise items.

Top earner Lutz Schweigel / Joe Möller

The best-known actor is Lutz Schweigel, who has been the leading actor as “Joe Möller” since the beginning of the series. He should earn around 10,000 euros per month.

Apply to Berlin day and night

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