Best Cell Phone Service Provider 2022

With many cell phone service providers, picking the best one can be challenging. However, new phone releases give you reasons to shift from a different provider, especially if you aren’t really satisfied with your current phone service. Moreover, opting for another cell phone service provider can give you a better deal than staying with your current provider. 

Whether you’re planning to replace your existing service provider or just want to upgrade to the latest phone unit, it’s imperative to compare various cell phone providers before joining the bandwagon. You might even find a better service than what the leading providers offer nowadays. However, finding the best cell phone service is just like searching for the best 4G LTE home internet; it’s always more than just affordability and popularity. You will also need to look into their network coverage, customer service, and added perks once you subscribe to them.

To help you with your search, we have researched and gathered the most vital information about the three leading cell phone service providers this 2022. Let’s get into it.

Top 3 Cell Phone Service Providers 2022


As one of the nation’s largest cell phone providers, Verizon has been consistent with the reach and performance of its network. Verizon’s 5G service has received a big boost from upgrading its Ultra Wideband 5G Network with a C-Band spectrum. Moreover, to reduce the cost of upgrading to a 5G phone, Verizon also accepts any phones, including broken ones. 

The costs of Verizon’s current plans are reasonable. Their 5G Do More plan costs $80 per month for one line and $180 for four, which includes a 50GB data ceiling and 600GB cloud storage. Verizon’s Play More plan, which also costs the same, includes access to Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, ad-supported Hulu, and a streaming gaming service subscription, either Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade. 

Their prepaid plans are also great due to massive discounts. If you subscribe to Verizon’s 15GB plan, you will pay $45 per month after the $5 autopay discount. But if you stay with Verizon for three months, your monthly rate will fall to $40. You can enjoy another $5 discount if you stay with them for nine months, cutting your monthly fee to $35. 

Many have also commended their customer service, leading to customer satisfaction over the years. So if you don’t mind spending a few more bucks every month in exchange for an excellent service, Verizon might be your best choice. 


T-Mobile has one of the best combinations of plans, coverage, and a growing 5G network.
With its $70 Magenta plan with unlimited data and overseas internet access, its unlimited data plans are definitely worth highlighting. You can also add lines to a specific plan for your family members.

T-Mobile also offers 3GB and 6GB prepaid plans for an affordable price. It even offers a 1GB plan for only $10 per month. As per speed testing, T-Mobile’s download speeds were fast and on par with most of its competitors, such as Verizon and AT&T. Its 5G network serves more than 300 million people in the United States.

The most significant factor that sets T-Mobile apart from its competitors is the perks it provides to its clients. For example, weekly giveaways of prizes and benefits are held every Tuesday, while family plan subscribers can have their Netflix account cost part of their plan. T-Mobile also offers free Paramount Plus and Apple TV Plus for one year for Magenta and Magenta Max subscribers.


AT&T remains one of the most reputable cell phone service providers in the USA. However, it is still in an awkward position because it’s not the most affordable and accessible provider. Nonetheless, there are still aspects that make them one of the largest carriers in the country. One of the best things about AT&T is its reliable performance and speed, especially with its C-Band 5G network. 

While AT&T has yet to extend its 5G network coverage to the rest of the country, it still offers an appealing unlimited data option. Unfortunately, it can be considered pricey for many people. Its Unlimited Elite plan with HBO Max costs $85 per month without data caps and more hotspot data. Their cheapest plan is $50 per month, which comes with unlimited text, calls, and data, which is not as cheap as T-Mobile and Verizon. AT&T also offers decent prepaid options, like its 15GB for $40 per month. But if you can pay for a full year of service upfront, you can enjoy 8GB of data for $25 per month.

Bottom Line

Even though you might feel intimated by shifting to a different cell phone service provider, it’s important to do slight research to make the most out of what you pay every month. This year, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T have topped our list for the best phone service provider. So if you are planning to leave your current provider, you might want to consider these companies and their unique advantages. 

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