Top Internet Providers for Gaming 2022

Having a fast, reliable internet connection at home had become a dealbreaker when almost every industry shifted digital, forcing employees to work and students to study remotely. With the rising demand for high-speed internet, many ISPs have been modifying their services to meet the needs of the consumers, which includes gaming. 

The popularity of online gaming has encouraged many internet service providers to add gaming-centered features and promotions to stand out. So, if you use your home internet for gaming frequently, you might be able to have access to high-end gaming hardware, free online gaming subscriptions, or even an ultra-fast internet connection designed to boost your bandwidth. 

As we keep track of the leading internet providers for gaming, we have gathered a few that stood out from the rest, considering different factors from affordability to accessibility. So, let’s have a look at the top internet providers for gaming this 2022.


AT&T offers the best fiber optic internet in the country, being the average cost of their plans per Mbps being only 10 cents, including the equipment rental. To give you a better idea, let’s compare other internet plans with AT&T. An average fiber optic internet plan from Spectrum and Comcast Xfinity will cost you around 25 cents per MBps, while CenturyLink will cost you 16 cents. 

AT&T is an excellent option for gaming that provides both reliable speeds and affordability. It also recently offered multi-gig plans with similar download and upload speeds of two and five Gbps. Moreover, its current fiber plans are of excellent value compared to its competitors, especially with no data caps and no contract policy.

AT&T fiber is not accessible to all areas as of now, so you might want to check with your local provider if the fiber internet plan is available in your area. Unfortunately, AT&T’s DSL and wireless plans are less impressive than its fiber plan, so if you plan to switch to AT&T, make sure you subscribe to its fiber internet. 


Aside from Verizon’s Fios fiber service, it boasts the best customer service of all the internet service providers in the country. We all understand how frustrating it can be to deal with incompetent service representatives. But with Verizon, you don’t have to experience that. Last 2021, AT&T and Verizon topped the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s internet provider ranking, but Verizon had already claimed that spot for years. 

Let’s make it clear. Verizon’s DSL internet doesn’t offer anything special. However, Verizon Fios is currently delivering exceptional speeds across the company’s eight-state coverage areas. It also does not come with contracts and data caps, and your monthly fee will not go up automatically after months or years as it will with other internet service providers. Moreover, Verizon is expanding its 5G home internet availability to around 900 cities, giving many people better options for high-speed internet for work and gaming alike.

Google Fiber

Google is one of the few internet providers that have been commended for its high-speed internet just after its release. However, it struggled to build out its service after initially rolling out across 11 areas. If it’s available in your area, consider yourself lucky as Google Fiber internet offers great value for excellent speeds.

Even though with the rough start, Google has not yet given up on expanding fiber access to many areas. Recently, the company has rolled out 2Gbps plans for $100 per month in Raleigh, Durham, Provo, Orange County, Atlanta, Austin, Nashville, and Huntsville. So if you live in these areas, you might want to check it out as it is one of the best high-speed internet values you will ever find. 

Comcast Xfinity

Comcast has paved its way to becoming one of the most popular cable internet providers, offering the Xfinity internet to more than 100 million people in the United States. If you are looking for an internet provider that offers a variety of internet plans and packages for your online gaming, including speeds of up to 1,200Mbps, Comcast Xfinity might be perfect for you. 

While it’s not as affordable as other internet service providers, it is still one of your best options when it comes to cable internet for gaming. If you don’t mind the data caps at 1.2TB with extra fees once you exceed it per month, you might like Xfinity’s home internet plans. 


Knowing what internet speeds you need for gaming can greatly improve your gaming experience. However, you should also make sure that your internet service provider delivers their end of the deal. Don’t fall for tempting advertisements if you haven’t done your research about a certain provider. This 2022, the leading internet providers are AT&T, Verizon, Google Fiber, and Comcast Xfinity. If you’ve been looking for an alternative to your current internet service, you might want to look into these providers.

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