Worried about hair loss? Here’s how you can prevent it

Hair loss has become an increasingly common concern with time. Researchers often contribute this change to the dynamic changes in our lifestyles. It’s hard for people to take time and focus on themselves nowadays. However, hair loss is a complex process and can’t just be attributed to a lack of self-care or an unhealthy diet. Health expert at Click Pharmacy Jana Abelovska has helped compile a comprehensive guide to understanding hair loss and how to prevent it. 

What are the common causes of hair loss?

Doctors can’t treat an illness to full wellness without first understanding its cause. The same approach applies when you’re treating hair loss. There are a handful of reasons why you may be balding. Some of the common ones have been listed below:

It might be hereditary

Frequently, external factors have little to do with an illness. Hair loss often follows genetic cycles. When this phenomenon is seen in men, we call it male pattern baldness. Women often experience female pattern baldness too. However, hair loss caused by genetic reasons is seen more frequently in men. 

It might be an infection

Scalp infection can take a severe toll on your hair. They often leave the skin of the scalp feeling dry and scaly, causing hair to fall off in patches. Scalp infections often leave people with bald spots. 

It might be a hormonal imbalance

Women who experience hormonal imbalances may go through hair loss as a symptom. This is often the case for women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). In such a case, determining the cause of the hormonal imbalance can help reduce hair loss. 

What does hair loss usually look like?

Not everyone experiences hair loss due to the same reasons, so hair loss appears differently in everyone. The most common sign of hair loss is a widening part and a receding hairline. When you brush your hair or part it through the middle of your favored side, there might be a wide patch of missing hair. This often occurs when you part your hair in the same manner repeatedly.

Receding hairlines can be hereditary, though they often occur when you’ve been pulling your hair back quite tightly. Other than that, hair loss may manifest as a bald patch at the crown of your head. It’s vital to keep checking your hairbrush for loose hair so that you can pick up the signs of hair loss easily. 

How can you prevent hair loss?

The key to preventing hair loss is understanding the cause behind it. Once you’ve underlined what’s causing your condition, you can use these tips to avoid the situation from occurring again. 

Take all your vitamins 

A vitamin deficiency can often cause hair loss. Doctors tend to run tests to analyse what nutrients and vitamins are lacking in your body. You might be prescribed individual vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin K, which have been found quite useful in accelerating hair growth, or supplements like Zinc that add to hair strength. Vitamin A contains retinoids that help in hair regeneration and increase sebum production. This keeps your scalp moist and healthy. Midss’s experts also indicate Collagen help to strengthen hair and nail growth and prevents hair loss which multiple reasons can cause.

Try hair loss medication 

Hair loss medication is available as an over-the-counter drug nowadays. These are approved by the FDA and often recommended by doctors to combat conditions like hair loss after chemotherapy. These include minoxidil and Finasteride. Doctors began using them in a low dose and have seen positive results. 

Get a good massage 

Often a dry scalp can be the main reason behind hair loss. The best way to hydrate your scalp is also the simplest, a massage. Depending on which one suits your hair better, you can opt for coconut oil or olive oil. Once you have your oil of choice, gently massage it into your scalp regularly. You’re likely to see results if you do the oil massage once or twice a week and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. You don’t need to give it all night to soak in. An hour or two will be enough. 

Remove the heat

We use heating tools like straighteners and curling irons to style our hair routinely. Unfortunately, these instruments cause a lot of damage to the hair on the whole and can contribute to hair loss significantly. Thus, when you’re trying to prevent hair loss, it’s best to take the heat styling out of your routine. 

Apply some onion juice 

Home remedies often tend to be quite useful. Onion juice is one such example that has been verified by research. When men and women with patches of missing hair used crude onion juice on their scalps regularly, they found that new hair began appearing in the bald spots. 

Use a gentle shampoo

Often our products contain harsh ingredients and stripping formulas. Thus, the first thing you should focus on fixing is your hair care products. Opt for a gentle shampoo that won’t’ be too taxing for your hair, and you’ll be good to go. 

Final word

Haircare is a delicate matter. It might seem quite complex, but you can easily find a suitable treatment once you narrow down where your problem lies. So, take out a little time for yourself today and focus on what matters. 

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