Best Places To Visit In Chandigarh

The first planned city of India deserves the hype it gets. This is the place to do everything you want be it shopping in malls or local markets, go for lazy boating or simply go on long drives to soothe your soul. This capital of two states was planned by Le Corbusier. 

There are various spots you can visit while in Chandigarh like Capitol Complex, Sukhna Lake, Rock garden, rose garden etc. There is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site sheltered in this union territory that is now a museum and free for the visitors to explore. 

You Can Visit Chandigarh From All Over India, Know-How:

Air Route: Chandigarh has an international airport that provides services to various major cities in the county.

Rail Route: The nearest railway station for Chandigarh is the Chandigarh Junction Railway Station and it’s located 8 km from the main city.

Road Route: The road network is well connected too. The highways are well constructed for a drive and buses also operate on a regular basis. Taxis can be rented from any private company also A bus is also a great option you can directly book bus tickets from Delhi to Chandigarh and travel hassle-free.

Here Is A Brief List Of Top Places To Visit In Chandigarh:

  • Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake situated in the foothills of Shivalik is the centre place of Chandigarh. This offers a picturesque scene of the city and it attracts a lot of tourists as well as the local residents here. This is a man-made lake much enjoyed by the joggers and people coming for morning walks too. The architect of Chandigarh city – Le Corbusier said that this lake will become a stream of wellness for the residents. 

Reasons To Visit: Witness refreshing man-made streams and get down here for a lazy boat ride with your family and friends.

Commute: Tourists can visit Sukhna lake easily by any public transport as it lies in the centre of the city.

Extra Information: One can visit them any time of the year including monsoons. 

Entry Fee: N/A

  • Rock Garden

Rock garden is located in sector 1 of Chandigarh and this is the next most popular place of this well-planned city. It can be best described as an open exhibition of artistic work made from different kinds of materials. Some of the most unique installations that can be seen here are made of terracotta, broken used glass, light fixtures as well as old broken toilet seats. 

Reasons To Visit: The best reason to visit the exceptional Rock Garden of Chandigarh is the novelty and imaginations it has brought to life. 

Commute: Tourists can easily hire a cab to this location. 

Extra Information: Tourists are allowed to visit Rock Garden from 9Am to 7 Pm in April to September and 9 Am to 6 PM from October to Marc

Entry Fee: N/A

  • Rose Garden

A beautifully designed garden for a walk of wellness and peace. This is the best place to relax in the city if you wish to detach from the hustle. It is also known as the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden named after the former president of India. The garden is noted as rose for a reason. It has various varieties of roses planted here.  

Reasons To Visit: The best time to visit the rose garden is February to March as the Rose festival also takes place in this time of the year. 

Commute: One can reach the destination by any public transport or personal car. It is in sector 16 of Chandigarh. 

Extra Information: You can witness more than 32,500 varieties of trees and medicinal plants here.

Entry Fee: N/A

  • International Dolls Museum

This unique museum was founded in 1985 by the Indian Council of Child Welfare. The museum holds on to a wide variety of dolls that fascinates the visitors. Here you can see various dolls brought from all over the globe like Russia, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Korea along with a huge Indian collection. 

Reasons To Visit: Checkout the dolls from all over the world. Explore with your kids.

Commute: It’s best to take a cab or any other public vehicle. 

Extra Information: The timings to visit the wax museum are 9:30 Am to 6  Pm.

Entry Fee: N/A

  • Elante Mall

Who doesn’t like to stop and take a break from all the site seeing? When you need such a break in Chandigarh visit this amazing mall. You will find the best eating outlets and great brands to shop till you drop. There is a grand space for the kids to play in the arcade too. 

Reasons To Visit: Visit this mall to take a break from all the rush of seeing tourist places.

Commute: One can take a cab or any public transport. 

Extra Information: Catch a good movie as you can spot a PVR inside. 

Entry Fee: N/A

Know More About Chandigarh

After you have explored some of the best places Chandigarh don’t be disheartened because the list is still going on. Here are few more spots you must checkout while chilling in Chandigarh:

Chattbir Zoo: This zoo is also known as Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park. It is home to various animals and birds in this green space. You can visit this zoo for a touch of wilderness and to check out the major highlight Royal Bengal Tiger.

Sector 17 Market: This is a must visit local market of Chandigarh. Grab the hint of Punjabi culture with a subtle mix of modernity here. Various big banners can be shopped and street food can be enjoyed in this market. 

Japanese Garden: Another beautifully maintained park in Chandigarh is located in sector 31 A. Here various activities can be experienced like pagoda towers can be seen, water bodies and meditation centers are located here. Beautiful Japanese art can also be admired in this park. 

Government Museum And Art Gallery: A museum of natural history offers to walk you through the history of Chandigarh and how it came to being.

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