The Pros And Cons Of Wearing Blue Light Glasses

If you’ve been thinking about investing in blue light glasses, you certainly aren’t alone. The favor around blue light glasses has been picking up pretty steadily lately, and many experts claim they can actually be incredibly helpful in a variety of areas. However, there must be a few cons related to wearing blue light glasses, don’t there?

If you’re looking for more information before you purchase a new set of blue light glasses, you’re in the right place. We know a great deal about blue light, including how effective these special glasses can be and what harmful effects can result from overexposure. But that doesn’t mean we’re blind to any potential cons. Please continue reading if you’re interested in learning more about blue light glasses, including their pros and cons.

Pro: Effective Protection Against Blue Light

If you’re trying to protect your eyes against blue light exposure, blue light glasses are one of the most accessible and affordable ways to combat the adverse effects. We are constantly using our screens, whether we’re on our computers, on tablets, or staring down on phones. This means we’re all exposed to blue light almost constantly, and we should all take action against it.

Pro: Reduce Visual Fatigue

One of the negative aspects of blue light exposure is that it can cause serious visual fatigue. This means, especially if your eyes and brain feel tired after a long day of work on the computer, you’re probably dealing with this problem. Blue light glasses are a fantastic step in the right direction if you want to combat visual fatigue.

Con: There’s A Reflection

If you aren’t a fan of reflections in normal glasses or sunglasses, you may not be able to fully escape this with blue light glasses either. However, in our opinion, the reflection in blue light glasses is relatively minimal unless you’re under complete lighting, like direct sunlight.

Pro: Reduce Headaches

If you deal with serious headaches, or any headache-like discomfort during or after a day at work, blue light is likely at work. By choosing to wear blue light glasses whenever you’re in front of a screen, including your computer monitor at work, you may be able to decrease the frequency of headaches and migraines significantly.

Pro: It’s Easier To Fall Asleep

Did you know that blue light can make it more difficult for you to fall asleep at night and maintain a regular sleep schedule? It’s true. If you’ve been struggling with falling asleep or insomnia, you may find blue light glasses incredibly helpful. To maintain a regular sleep schedule or get your circadian rhythm back on track more quickly, simply wear blue light glasses as much as possible whenever you’re in front of a screen.

Con: Tinted Blue Light Glasses Can Alter Color Perception

Depending on the type of blue light glasses you get, you may deal with slight changes in how you perceive color. This may be the case in real life, in addition to changes you might see on your computer screen. However, not all blue light glasses are tinted, meaning they’re unlikely to make a change most of the time. Additionally, tinted blue light glasses generally only present a very minimal change.

Pro: Sleep Better

Even if you don’t have issues falling asleep, you may still wake up in the middle of your sleep cycle. There are even some circumstances where you’re waking up and you don’t even know it, which may explain your tired feelings if you don’t remember waking up the night before. By wearing blue light glasses whenever you’re on screens, you may be able to stay asleep better and wake up feeling better rested. This is fantastic, allowing you to improve multiple areas of your life and health simultaneously.

Pro: Reduced Risk Of Retinal Degeneration

In case you were unaware, blue light can cause your retinas some serious long-term harm. If you want to avoid harming your eyes, wearing blue light glasses can easily lower your exposure from blue light to normal levels. This is a great way to prevent pain in the short- and long-term, especially if you have growing concern in this particular area of your health.

Con: Build A New Habit

One of the most serious cons of wearing blue light glasses is the need to build up a new habit. At first, you may not be used to wearing glasses during your screen time, and you may have even built up a habit of removing regular eyewear whenever you work. However, many of us remove our regular lenses when we start to feel our eyes growing more tired throughout the work day, meaning this habit was likely learned and can be unlearned.

Pro: Blue Light Glasses Are Stylish

While many people seem to believe that glasses, including blue light glasses, are not stylish or can make you look less attractive, this is no longer the case. This is because, especially since blue light glasses have grown in popularity, there are even more frame styles and colors than ever before. If you used to think that it would be impossible to show off your personal sense of style if you were wearing glasses, it’s not a problem anymore.

If you’re interested in trying blue light glasses, odds are you’ll be able to find the perfect style for you! And at the same time, you’ll be reducing many of the issues associated with blue light exposure, especially if you’re on screens all day and every day.

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