Best Server Racks for Home

Recently, remote work has become very popular. The pandemic showed that it is possible to perform effectively from home. Thus, more and more businessmen and freelancers switch to arranging home offices, which raises the need to organize home network systems for datum processing and storage.

Fortunately, the modern industry offers compact solutions for arranging home IT systems. Customers can install server cabinets at home to increase computing power and achieve higher productivity without renting premises for isolated server rooms.

Server racks are specialized furniture pieces that serve as highly functional, multi-layer storage for telecommunications equipment. Constructions are equipped with all the needed fasteners and tech holes. The best home network rack is durable and helps achieve the highest level of ergonomics.

Server Cabinet Size for Home Installation

Note that when choosing a server rack cabinet for home, you should approach the issue of selecting proper dimensions attentively. The model size directly affects the performance and lifetime of a telecommunications system.

The height is one of the most important dimensions. Yet, it’s quite tricky. The height is measured in U (units), where 1U is 1,75 inches. Thus, when you see such designations as “12U”, “6U”, etc. in the name of rack models, they stand for the height. To calculate the body height in inches, you should multiply 12 by 1,75, etc.

As for the depth, this dimension is adjustable in most models since the rear side of the rack is usually movable. Thus, users can make the cabinet deeper or narrower.

The width is standard to fit most types of hardware and provides the required width to fasten and place devices.

Best Server Furniture for Home

Multiple options are offered on the market. When selecting the best rack server for home use, pay particular attention to the following types of server furniture:

  • wall-mount racks. These are small cabinets of limited carrying capacity. Special high-load dowels are used to fasten them to vertical surfaces. Cabinets are supported in 2 (on top or bottom) or 4 (both on top and bottom) points. Here, the rack size is limited. The height of the biggest wall-mount cabinet is 18U. The most common models are 8U-12U.
  • desktop cabinets. This group of furniture embraces 2- and 4-upright models. These are the smallest products for installation on desks. Their frame size usually does not exceed 6U. 2-post furniture pieces are designed for small network systems and can carry hardware on two uprights only. 4-upright models are more spacious and allow for installing rails and shelves additionally. So, the latter can carry more components.
  • portable cabinets. These compact metal enclosures are equipped with handles or casters for easier movement. Their bodies protect devices from damage during transportation and provide a high level of security against unauthorized access.
  • traditional cabinets. These are enclosed cabinets with solid bodies and locks. They are preferable when it is impossible to mount the cabinet in an isolated room and prevent access by third parties. Moreover, incorporating black cabinet hardware adds an extra layer of sophistication and functionality to these cabinets, making them both visually appealing and secure.

Manufacturers produce diverse solutions to meet the demands of all customers. Any of the above-mentioned models can fit your apartment. Note that to make the right choice and enjoy perfect functioning, you should consider several criteria.

Things to Consider when Selecting Server Racks for Home

When picking the best network rack for home, the main thing is to assess who can access the construction and how much space is available for rack mounting. Yet, make sure to consider the following points:

  1. The rack size. Keep in mind that a loose layout is applied in server racks. Never place devices too tightly to each other to avoid heat exchange and overheating. Thus, when determining the needed size, make sure to leave enough free space for air circulation and cable routing. In this case, 3D visualization helps eliminate possible mistakes when designing the layout.
  2. The cabinet capacity. Calculate the weight of your IT system. Note that wall-mount models have a limited carrying capacity, so before you install the cabinet, recheck whether it can support your hardware.
  3. The type of rack. Here, enclosed and open-frame models are distinguished. Open frames are advantageous in terms of cooling and accessibility, while solid enclosures provide better security. Note that it is possible to attach removable side panels to open-frame racks to improve their security.
  4. Rack accessories. A great variety of accessories are available in the industry. They are designed to improve the management and functioning of IT systems. For example, ties, arms, and all sorts of organizers are used to manage cables and keep them in order. Shelves and rails are installed to accommodate more devices and simplify access to them. Sensors allow for monitoring the system performance and sending timely alarms in the case of hazards.
  5. Cooling strategy. It is a vital issue for any system since hardware emits a lot of heat. Thus, make sure to organize a well-functioning ventilation system. If you choose open racks, the natural airflow passes through devices and cools them down. For enclosed cabinets, fan mounting is essential.
  6. Air conditioning. Note that it is important to maintain optimal environmental conditions in rooms as well. It is not enough to create an optimal climate inside racks. The outside environment also causes the smoothness of hardware operation. Equipment pollution, dust settlement, corrosion, and overheating can become the consequence of inappropriate climate in premises, in which racks are installed.

Server racks help optimize space allocation and achieve high ergonomics, which is crucial for living premises. They feature multi-layer constructions for placing hundreds of devices, of different sizes, and capacities. The best home network cabinet is a compact construction that can secure devices, guarantee their reliable storage over a long period, and prevent negative environmental influences.


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