Resco Watches Patriot

A true American watch, the Resco watches Patriot is a sleek and simple timepiece that packs a punch. The case is machined to perfection and it feels bomb proof, even at this price point.

Rob Smith (Resco’s founder) has been into watches since he was a kid, taking apart and rebuilding them. He and his wife Nicole are now the owners of a small, warrior-tested watch company based right here in Coronado.

Founded by a Navy SEAL

Resco Watches

Navy SEALs have some of the most demanding and challenging jobs in the world. To help them perform better on the water, in the air and even on land, they need a  watch that can keep up with them and still look good doing it. That’s why they chose a Resco Watches. This rugged timepiece was designed by a Navy SEAL and has been field tested to ensure its toughness. It also passed the rigorous tests of former President George W. Bush, which is quite a feat for any watch.

Resco watches Instruments founder RE Smith wanted to create a sleek, simple and rugged timepiece that could be used by Navy SEALs in any environment.The Patriot watch has been tested by Navy SEALs at every stage of their training. They gave their opinions and ideas to make the watch better.. While it may not be the official watch of the Navy SEALs, it is worn by more actual SEALs than any other watch that claims to be.

Another popular model from Resco is the RTAC38. It has a bead-blasted case, which is both tactical and classy. It has a fixed 24 hour bezel, plus an inner elapsed time bezel operated by a separate crown. It also has a second time zone indicator and date window. It is available in a variety of colors and can be worn with a leather or Kevlar strap.

Designed and tested in Coronado

Resco Watches

Rob Smith, the owner of Resco watches, loved watches since he was a little boy. When he was eight, his father gave him some broken watches and this sparked his interest. Rob also served in the Navy for 20 years.. He loved taking them apart, tinkering with them and making them work again. He has since developed over a dozen different watch designs, many of which have been field tested by members of the Navy SEAL teams and other special operators.

The entire line of Resco watches is designed and built in Coronado, California. The company is small and operates on a tight budget, but it still produces high-quality timepieces. The Gen2 Patriot, Black Frog and RC Tac are all field tested by current and former Navy SEALs, and their design input is incorporated into the final product.

The cases are made from 316L stainless steel and bead blasted. They have thick, heavy watch band lugs that hold the straps on with hex screw pins instead of cheap spring pins. This makes them more robust and able to withstand the kind of abuse that a Navy SEAL might dish out.

Resco watches has also been a big supporter of non-profit organizations that help military personnel and veterans. For example, they have donated ten watches to the annual Joggin’ for Frogmen event. They have also made donations to the Jesse Pittman fund and the Travis Manion foundation. The company plans to continue donating and supporting these non-profits in the future.

Made in the U.S.A.

Resco Watches

Resco watches are designed and assembled in Coronado, CA, where the company’s founder is a Navy Seal. The company’s small team is dedicated to the brand and its mission. The team is a group of dedicated tinkerers and engineers who work hard to ensure each watch is made to the highest standards. Resco’s military-inspired designs are ideal for men and women who work in tough environments.

The first generation Patriot is the preferred watch of many Navy SEAL teams. The second generation BlackFrog is also a popular choice. Its sleek, minimalist design is a perfect fit for any SEAL’s uniform and is made to endure the rigors of deployments and missions at sea, in the air, and on land.

Resco’s founder, Rob Smith, is an active-duty Navy SEAL. He has always had a passion for watches and would repair watches as a way to decompress on deployments. He even sketched his first watch design on the packaging of an MRE. His first real watch was a vintage Rolex Submariner, which inspired him to start his own line of military-inspired timepieces.

Resco watches latest model, the Hooper, is a modern take on a classic watch – the Alsta Nautoscaph. The Hooper watch comes in a 42mm size and two different colors: silver or black. It can be used underwater up to 200 meters and has a strong glass cover.. Its dial is a near-spitting image of the original Alsta. The only differences are that the seconds hand has a trident and that the Hooper has a PVD bezel.

The Patriot

Named after the Patriots, a group of colonists who rebelled against British control during the American Revolution and founded the United States of America, Resco watches are built to last. Their 316L stainless steel cases are bead-blasted and have 20mm strap lug ends that are held in place by heavy duty hex screw pins. This makes them incredibly rugged and durable, just like the Navy SEALs who wear them.

Resco watches are designed, assembled and tested in the US. Rob Smith, who is a Navy SEAL, originally started the company to create a watch that was as sleek and simple as possible but still capable of taking the beating and abuse that servicemen can dish out. His wife Nicole is the “heart and soul” of the business, handling all orders. The couple’s two teenage daughters also help out in the shop.

Due to his day job, Smith only produces 600-1,000 watches each year, and he won’t ever exceed that number. He aims to stay small and keep the business local. He also gives ten or more of his watches away each year to different charities that support military veterans and their families. He has partnered with the Joggin’ for Frogmen and Jesse Pittman Foundation, among others. He has also donated 19 Black Frog Stainless Sterile watches to television and radio host Glenn Beck for his Mercury One charity event.

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