Best Websites To Buy 4000 Watch Hours YouTube For Monetization

It takes at least four thousand view hours on YouTube for content to be monetized. Several options exist for fulfilling these conditions. However, buying 4000 YouTube view hours is a simple and efficient method. This strategy helps you achieve this aim and make money from videos rapidly. 

As a newbie, having 4000 watch views on YouTube may be challenging. On the other hand, if you are old on this platform, you still don’t have 4000 watch hours. So, in this article, I come up with the best websites to buy 4000 Watch Hours of YouTube for Monetization. 

YouTube Engagement and Watch Hours for Monetization

YouTube video creators need Youtube engagement and watch hours to earn Ads revenue. But most of them have doubts about purchasing watch hours for YouTube. The first reason to buy watch hours is to rack up views to qualify for the YouTube Partner Program and start making money from one’s channel and videos. 

Although regular video viewing and commenting are required to earn money via the scheme, this fact is often overlooked. To boost interaction, creators may employ several resources, such as paid views, likes, and shares. You can also take the watch hour service when you buy those services. So, to get the best services, you need a reliable service provider who helps you keep your profile secret.

What’s the Timeframe for 4,000 Watch Hours?

Making money from a YouTube channel is a realistic goal, but it shouldn’t be your priority. Then what should be your priority first? Creating a community among the subscribers and maintaining consistent communication with them is your priority.

Spending four thousand hours on a watch may be a time-consuming endeavor. It might take up to a year to achieve this target of 20,000 monthly average viewing minutes. It is feasible to reach this goal with one or multiple videos with one thousand subscribers.

If you want to go to 4,000 watch hours, you may purchase watch hours from a reputable source, make content on popular themes, and give more attention to the best-performing topics. 

In the next section, I will discuss acquiring your 4000 watch hours.

How to Acquire Your 4000 Watch Hours?

Purchase Video Watch Hours

To reach your 4000 watch hours, you can buy YouTube watch hours. You can take this service from many platforms like Socialwic, Socialgreg, and YouTubeStrom. These platforms are safe to buy. I’ll give you the best sites to purchase watch hours in the next phase. 

Create Meaningful, Engaging Content

The production of unique material almost always results in positive outcomes, even though it often requires a significant investment of time. You may use current trends as inspiration for your articles. You should make 10-20 different videos on the same topic.

Prioritise the Best Topics

When making videos for your YouTube channel, it’s crucial to have a wide variety of keywords and subject areas from which to pick. It is essential to choose the best topics for your YouTube videos to grab your audience’s attention. To enhance audience engagement, you need to use top-ranking Keywords. For this, use keyword tools to make your task easy.

Make a Content Strategy

Now it’s time to make a solid strategy for creating your video.

The best video depends on good video resolution. So, creating content varies to the person-to-person style and equipment. 

Select Your Title

Always keep an eye-catching title because the title makes your audience curious to see your videos. So, it is crucial to make your title informative. If the title contains important keywords and phrases, you could get individuals to read your work. The video’s thumbnail should be of the same quality as the title. 

YouTube Video Length

In a nutshell, you may decide on this element by averaging the duration of the top-performing videos for your target keyword and then attempting to beat them by a little percentage.

Additionally, videos should be kept between five and ten minutes in length for optimal recall.

Write Video Scripts

Now you may easily record videos. It’s better to record your videos with scripts. It’ll decrease your delays. Always include your title at the top and bottom of your script. Then, think of a captivating opening that will make viewers stay for the duration. Moreover, camera angles and content pattern disruptions may keep viewers interested.

Market Your Videos 

Now it’s time to market your videos. You can connect with your other YouTube channels, e-mail lists, and Google Ads. Google ads for YouTube videos might speed up your development to 4000 view hours.

Best Websites To Buy 4000 Watch Hours YouTube For Monetization

Do you want to increase YouTube view hours and monetization? Socialwick offers you 1k to 4k YouTube watch time hours. Video duration must be 60–150 minutes. It helps you to boost your social growth organically. 

You can purchase YouTube channel subscribers and video views. Moreover, you can do free refills for 30 days. Socialwick’s services are legitimate, safe, and private. You can contact them anytime as they open their customer support system 24/7. 

Socialwick has user-friendly interfaces, so you don’t need to worry about running it. Moreover, it provides you with lightning-fast service, high-caliber products, and affordable rates. You may buy YouTube subscriptions by clicking the button, entering your email and payment information, then confirming the transaction. 

SocialWick service is anonymous, so no one will ever know you’re using it. However, social networking sites are excellent at spotting phony profiles. Every one of the profiles is complete with a photo, recent activity, and a brief biography. So, no fake profile will be in your purchasing package.

YoutubeStorm is the top YouTube marketing agency for channel promotion and video rankings. Choose the best plan for your channel’s budget based on the watch time views you need to reach your goals. With this service, you may buy as few as 1000 watch hours or as many as 4000 watch hours. The payment may differ from $24.95 to $69.95. 

Youtubestorm’s watch hour purchases will boost your video’s visibility and help more people discover it. YouTube Partner Program membership requires 4,000 view hours. This is how many YouTubers make hundreds of dollars each month. You may monetize your content using this.  Growing your channel while earning passive revenue may be done this way.

Youtubestorm provides you first delivery with 100% real subscribers. They have an FAQ section and a customer support system so you can get your answers anytime. They also protect your privacy strictly.

To get more traffic on social media, Socialgreg will help you. You can buy 4000k YouTube watch time to increase the organic views of your videos.

With Socialgreg, you never face any hassle with the procedure of purchasing your YouTube watch hour. You don’t need any kind of password. You just need to choose the plan, enter your email, and then log in to pay your amount. After that, Socialgreg will complete your order, and you’ll get it within a minute. 

Moreover, Socialgreg covers several social media networks, has different services and plans for everyone, and provides customized services. So, get your content shared widely on social media with the help of SocialGreg. 


UseViral increases YouTube view hours and monetization. It provides 1000–4000 watch hours for each order at competitive pricing.

Watch hours aren’t everything. View quality matters too. UseViral naturally generates high retention from existing accounts. This prevents YouTube’s suspicious behavior flag.

UseViral is unique among marketing providers because of its dedication to honesty and trustworthiness. Its marketing professionals will help you complete your purchase fast. 

UseViral gives precise information on what’s needed to execute your transaction and emphasizes payment security. Moreover, it has 100% YouTube Partner Program approval.

UseViral’s easy-to-order services erase YouTube’s TOS restrictions on quick expansion. It simply needs your channel link to begin. Check UseViral’s criteria before committing.

Media Mister

Media Mister boosts YouTube video viewing. It provides social media marketing services like buying YouTube view hours. 

Media Mister’s safe system doesn’t demand confidential info. Its website is user-friendly, and its social networking managers are experienced. Its services are $99 per month and feature social media marketing knowledge.

Media Mister offers excellent ratings, a clear FAQ, customer assistance, and refund policies.

Buy Real Media

The marketing experts at Buy Real Media have worked on various channels, including social media. They have several ways to boost YouTube interaction and organic growth. One of the ways it assists you in joining the YouTube Partner Program is by letting you buy watch hours on your videos. 

It provides genuine channel involvement at comparable prices. Buy Real Media is a trusted YouTube marketing company with over 50,000 pleased clients.

 Its high-quality services come with a 100% satisfaction rate with refund policies, but movies must be at least 120 minutes long.


SidesMedia is the new one in the business of selling YouTube watch hours. Its focus on excellent service and safe marketing tactics to organically increase video awareness and channel authority set them apart. You Can share the channel URL, watch hours, and goal increase to pick the optimal technique. SidesMedia also verifies both teams on their website. As they are good at their services, you will never be disappointed with them.

Get A Follow

If you want to become successful on YouTube, GetAFollower will provide you with the views and subscribers you need to get there. Its genuine concern for smaller outlets sets it apart from other companies.

It examines your requirements and offers a plan to get watch hours. First, select a video that has done well with your audience or has viral potential. Then send the video URL to the Get A Follow team. Based on the video, they’ll offer you the number of purchasing view hours.


Subpals make buying YouTube watch time simple and safe. One of its primary characteristics is decreased pricing. For example, you can save more money on 500 watch hours on Subpals than others. 

Moreover, Subpals helps you communicate with other YouTubers if you buy watch hours, likes, and live stream views. It also increases your network and viewing hours. 

Furthermore, you can purchase it by using PayPal, different types of cards, and cryptocurrency. 

Results are usually immediate. Sometimes results are delayed, but you’ll have your watch hours in time. Finally, you may see your channel’s growth rate.


With QQTube, you can boost your YouTube channel with up to 4,000 hours of viewing time, allowing you to start earning money from your videos. It grows your account organically and builds a strong YouTube community.

QQTube’s services are straightforward to purchase and use. First, you must buy it online and choose 4000 YouTube viewing hours. After registration, it will give you 1000 free YouTube viewing hours. Then, QQTube requires a YouTube video URL. Finally, your YouTube video will achieve the target watch hours quickly. 

However, this process won’t require your login credentials or private information.

Moreover, QQTube offers you all services at a cheap rate. 

Audience Gain

You may also get 4000 view hours and 1000 subscribers via Audience Gain. Audience Gain will recommend a video based on engagement indicators. One key factor is its individualized approach to each client’s session. In the first session, its team will discuss its services with you. Then you should give the best video or leave it on Audience Gain. 

This service emphasizes organic growth over automation. Organic view hours benefit your YouTube channel. 

Audience Gain accepts PayPal, Skrill, etc. If you don’t receive what you paid for, they return 100%. Moreover, If you buy many packages, you’ll save money in the long run as it always offers discounts.


Many YouTube bloggers may face problems with reaching 4000 watch hours. In this scenario, purchasing watch view comes to the rescue. 

Some think it is illogical to interact with their followers. But interaction helps you to attract new viewers and start a cycle of channel development. Investing in engagement may help your YouTube channel, even if it may seem risky. I hope my article will help you quickly reach your 4000 watch hours on YouTube. Moreover, you can get the best site to buy it after reading the reviews of websites.


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