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Böhse Onkelz: The fortune of the band

How rich is the Böhse Onkelz band?

After a long break for the German rock band Böhse Onkelz, their comeback has really paid off financially. From 1980 to 2005 the musicians were able to celebrate great successes. They then got back in 2014. Since then, the stars have brought in amounts in the double-digit millions, as has already reported in great detail. Even if the band is not entirely undisputed and has already had to take a lot of criticism, this has not at all harmed the boys’ financial success. From the moment the band announced their comeback, the cash registers started ringing again. The cherished The band Böhse Onkelz’s fortune has amounted to 24 million euros since the comeback.

The comeback in 2014 and the rich Böhse Onkelz

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When the comeback of the Böhsen Onkelz was announced in 2014, fans bought many of the band’s albums. It didn’t take long to earn 18 million euros. The Böhsen Onkelz took this money for 1.2 million DVDs, Blu-rays and albums sold. However, the rockers are likely to have earned even more at their live concerts. The income is said to have amounted to around 16 million euros in 2014. In 2015 it was as much as 25 million euros and in 2016 it was another 15.4 million euros. The musicians have to share this income. But there is a nice piece of cake left for each of them. The organizer Wizard also earns money. Therefore there was a fixed fee in the millions for the band.

As if the ruble wasn’t rolling enough just yet, the merchandising business has also paid off for the artists. More than 2 million euros should be sold when the fan article is sold have come together. The band doesn’t seem to have lost any of its fascination and has even gained more fans during the comeback times. Even the fact that the band has already attracted negative attention with their right-wing extremist lyrics cannot do any harm to this fact.

About an impressive music career

Fortune of the Böhse Onkelz
Five studio albums by the band Böhse Onkelz have already made it to pole position in the German charts. In 2018 the album “Bar terrorists“, Which the band had re-recorded after this LP was released in 1988, made it to number 3. The band has not lost its hit potential over the years. The fact that a good 100,000 fans were represented at each of the two comeback concerts that took place at the Hockenheimring in June 2014 testifies to the magic of this band. In 2015, the band was able to delight another 350,000 spectators at four concerts in the same location. The fans come in droves, while the Onkelz earn a golden nose.

The specialist audience is also enthusiastic about these successes. In 2014 the rockers were able to take home the Metal Hammer Award when they were named “Best German Band”. For their successful concerts in 2015 there was also an award from the concert promoter, which honored the band for “the most successful successive individual events in German concert history”. So the fans can be curious how long the band will ride this wave of success in the second round. In any case, there should still be a lot of money to be made. The punk and rock band from Frankfurt am Main are still irritating and make music that goes into their fans’ blood. Even the critics who speak of “old man rock” cannot change that. Kevin Russell, Stephan Weidner, Matthias Röhr and Peter Schorowsky seem to simply carry the gene for success.

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Cover picture: Quincy76 [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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