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Bradley Cooper: The Actor’s Net Worth

How rich is Bradley Cooper?

Bradley Cooper belongs to the current A-League in Hollywood and has become extremely rich through his various film appearances. Rather, the actor is still considered a ladies man. It is arguably both his good looks and his keen sense of humor that have made the American so successful with women and such an impressive career. But financially, too, it looks great for the actor. Bradley Cooper has an estimated net worth of 90 million euros.

Top salaries for Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper's Income
In fact, the star is now considered one of the most best paid actor of the present day. In 2014 alone, he is said to have brought home an annual salary of a good 34.5 million euros. But which films have brought in the handsome Bradley the most money so far? Limitless from 2011 wasn’t. For this, the family man only received a fee of 5 million US dollars. Bradley got a similar salary for the second part of Hangover.

Some film fees

  • Hangover I (2009) – $ 600,000
  • Hangover II (2011) – $ 5,000,000
  • Limitless (2011) – $ 5,000,000
  • Hangover III (2013) – $ 15,000,000
  • American Hustle (2013) – $ 2.5 million + 9% stake
  • American Sniper (2014) – $ 20,000,000
  • A Star is Born (2018) – $ 36,000,000

Cooper was able to collect an even bigger fee for both American Hustle and the third part of Hangover. About 10 million dollars in total for American Hustle from 2013 is quite impressive. The third Hangover film hit like a real bomb. The actor was allowed to take home 15 million US dollars. If you consider that the film grossed around 240 million euros at the international box office around the world, then it should have been a little more.

Only in two films did the leading man from Hollywood deserve more – namely $ 20 million on American Sniper and 36 million US dollars alongside Lady Gaga on “A Star is Born”. In “A Star is Born” he not only played the lead role, but also wrote the script, directed, produced the film and contributed to the film music.

The film Joker, played by actor Joaquin Phoenix, was also produced by Bradley Cooper.

Practice early – this is how Bradley Cooper became an international movie star

Bradley Cooper's fortune
Bradley Cooper is someone who knows his stuff. After all, he did Studied English and acting. The megastar was able to lay the foundation for his later career at the Actors Studio Drama School in New York City. Bradley Cooper’s first role in Sex and the City in 1998 is probably only known to die-hard fans. But it was precisely in this television series that Bradley made his debut. Between 2001 and 2006 the actor was then regularly seen in the series “Alias ​​- The Agent”. He shot a total of 46 episodes.

Before today’s box office hits, Bradley Cooper starred alongside Julia Roberts on Broadway in 2006. There both of today’s Hollywood stars worked in the production of the play “Three Days of Rain”. The actor got his first leading role in Hollywood in 2008 when he starred in The Midnight Meat Train. The first followed just a year later Hangover movie. This comedy film was to be so successful that more parts were produced that have helped one of its main actors to his current star status and madness.

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