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Nico Pliquett: The entrepreneur’s fortune

How much money does Nico Pliquett have?

Nico Pliquett has many fans, especially in his home town of Hamburg. He is considered one of the great successes of the Hamburg startup scene. Nicolas never completed his degree in business informatics because his freelance career intervened early on. By selling his company socialBench, which facelifted in 2015, he should have earned a proud sum. Nico Pliquett is still managing director at socialBench GmbH. The entrepreneur and YouTuber can be seen again and again on the net with expensive luxury cars. The cherished Nico Pliquett’s net worth is € 1 million.

Income from YouTube

Income from Nico Pliquett
The fact that so few figures on Nico Pliquett’s fortune are in circulation is somewhat surprising. After all, he has already made a YouTube video himself about how much money many creators make on the platform. According to Nico’s bill, one million clicks are worth more than 1,250 euros. Within a year of around 15 million views of his videos, he said, earned almost 20,000 euros. That is a nice extra income, which the resourceful businessman will certainly build on in the future.

The avowed car fan now owns three channels. His channel Nico Pliquett DE has more than 125,000 subscribers. At Nico talks, on the other hand, there are only a little more than 2,500 followers. There is significantly more room for improvement there. With the Channel While fast cars are Nico’s great passion, his programming skills in particular ensured that he was able to do without his studies. At the age of 15 he taught himself these important skills. As a result, he was able to take on the first jobs for a fee while he was still at school.

Highlights from life

Merit of Nico Pliquett

Nico studied business informatics for four semesters until he simply didn’t have enough time for his freelance work. Dropping out of his studies did not harm him financially. KiteWorldWide was the first start-up in which the man from Hamburg was involved. This is a kite tour operator that continues to exist. KiteWorldWide should also lay the foundation stone for Nico’s most successful company to date, socialBench GmbH.

After all, Facebook was one of the start-up’s most important marketing channels early on. In order to be as successful as possible there, the acquisition of data and the subsequent analysis of this information were of crucial importance. The know-how that the young entrepreneur acquired as part of this work ultimately led to the establishment of the company socialBench GmbH. Despite the time that the YouTuber had invested in the project, he sought an exit. After only four years the dream came true when Facelift for Christmas 2015 socialBench took over. Nico Pliquett remains loyal to the company as managing director.

Nico Pliquett’s sports cars

Nico Pliquett did not completely sideline the money he earned. Rather, he used part of this money to fulfill another, long-cherished wish. He bought one of the classic automobiles and was henceforth the proud owner of a Porsche 911. Only a few months later, Nico added added a Lamborghini Huracán to his collection. While his YouTube channel was still in its infancy at that time, Nico worked at Facelift as a CMO for the first time in his life as an employee. However, its start-up days are far from over, as Foodguide shows. The further development of the app could even be seen in “Die Höhle der Löwen” and was able to convince Carsten Maschmeyer that he invested in the project. Nicolas Pliquett has thus impressively demonstrated how far one can get with talent and hard work even without an official degree.

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