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Bryan Harsin Affair


It is almost twenty years since Bryan Harsin and his wife Kes were married. But the scandal surrounding their marriage has left many wondering what the real story is. While a relationship with Crochet is unproven, speculation over Bryan Harsin’s marital problems has become quite common. And, in order to get the facts straight, Bryan must come forward and clear the air. So, what’s the real story behind Bryan Harsin’s affair?

Extramarital Affair

While Harsin’s wife, Clesi Crochet, has not publicly addressed the rumors about her husband’s extramarital affairs, she has responded to them on her Instagram page. Despite calling people “idiots,” Harsin’s wife continues to post pictures of herself with Cleese Crochet. Until one or both of them come out with the details, this rumor will continue to swirl.

Affair Rumors

The rumors are spread around social media about Bryan Harsin’s relationship with his secretary Clesi Crochet. The rumors about Harsin’s affair have made it difficult for the Auburn football coach to keep his job. But Bryan Harsin must show up and face the consequences. If he doesn’t, he could be forced to resign from his position. In the meantime, he has two kids to take care of.

Head Coach

Regardless of how much attention the rumors sparked in the Auburn community, the coach’s position remains in jeopardy. His first year as head coach ended in a five-game losing streak, and 18 players left the program. Then, yesterday, a report surfaced alleging an affair between Harsin and a female staffer. The rumor was not confirmed by Harsin, however, and the future of his position is unclear.

Romantic Scandal

While the rumors have been circulating for a while, the head coach hasn’t commented. The two have been working closely together on a number of projects for the Auburn Tigers. The two are also close friends and are said to be romantically involved. The scandal has yet to be confirmed, but the rumors are certainly troubling. After all, they’ve had a working relationship for years, so why wouldn’t they be romantically involved?

Ruined Relationship

There are many rumors regarding Bryan Harsin’s rumored affair with Clesi Crochet. Neither of them have addressed the rumors, but it’s likely that they are good friends. They haven’t addressed the rumors, which is why they need to address them. The two will eventually have to answer all of the rumors surrounding their relationship. If there is a truth to the rumor, Bryan Harsin and Clesi Crochet’s relationship can be completely ruined.


Bryan and Kes Harsin are parents to three children. They married on 7 August 1999. They share three children. Their children include Dayn Mykena and Devyn Lynn. Both are now certified estheticians in Auburn. They both have certifications in everlasting make-up. Davis Harsin is a son. He and his wife have been married for nearly two decades. Their divorce is rumored to be amicable.

Professional Assistant

Clesi Crochet, the professional assistant to the head coach of Auburn University, has also been the subject of rumors about an extramarital relationship. While many claim they have been in a long-term relationship, neither Crochet nor Harsin have acknowledged their connection in public. Furthermore, their social media accounts show no odd behavior. So, how does Bryan Harsin explain this scandal? Let’s take a closer look at the details!


Bryan Harsin was previously the head coach of the Boise State Broncos before he was hired by Auburn University. In this role, he has amassed a record of 64 victories and 17 losses. While at Boise, he also served as co-offensive coordinator at the University of Texas. After his coaching career, Harsin has been lauded by several awards. He has been named the nation’s top assistant football coach and a finalist for the Broyles Award.

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