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Julian Ali Rapaport


American actor Julian Ali Rapaport was born in 2000. His parents are Michael Rapaport and Nichole Beattie. He is of white ethnicity. Julian has one brother named Maceo Shane Rapaport. His father is an actor who has appeared in many critically-acclaimed films. His mother, Nichole Beattie, is a screenwriter and film producer. Julian’s educational background is unclear.

No Often Public Appearances

As of 2019, Julian Ali Rapaport does not participate in public media coverage for his professional life. He is also unmarried and has not been seen with any other woman who could be considered his lover. So his net worth has grown to $12 million. His parents have been in a lot of critically acclaimed movies and television shows. His father also has a successful career in the television industry.

Are His Parents Separated?

Despite being so young and pursuing a career as an actor, Julian Ali Rapaport has never been in a relationship. The 21-year-old has not been photographed with any woman since the early 2000s. Although her mother Nichole Rapaport had a relationship with American actor Michael Rapaport, they later separated. Since then, the two have kept their personal life very private. Julian Rapaport is most likely focusing on his education and keeping his personal life as private as possible.

Net Worth

Julian Ali Rapaport’s parents have been in the entertainment industry for a long time. His father, Michael Ali Rapaport, has an estimated net worth of $12 million. His mother, Nichole Ali Rapaport, is a comedian and has an impressive $12 million income. Despite being young, Julian Ali Rapaport is already earning a very good living. If you’re curious about Julian’s net worth, then read on!

A Great Role Model 

Julian Ali Rapaport has earned a great deal of money from his acting career. His average salary as an actor is $56263 a year. He has been in several TV series and movies, and has an impressive resume of work. He is a great role model, and is one of the most sought-after celebrities in Hollywood. If you’d like to know more about Julian Ali Rapaport, read on!

Box-Office Total

Julian Ali Rapaport’s net worth is unknown, but it is likely that his parents are rich. His father, Michael Rapaport, has a net worth of $12 million. His mother, Saffron Burrows, and her brother, Thomas Jane, all earn huge sums of money. Rapaport has been seen in many successful movies, including Deep Blue Sea, which made a budget of $82 million and grossed a box-office total of $164.6 million.

Rapaport Family

The Rapaport family is very wealthy. His parents are famous American actors. Michael has earned a fortune as an actor. The parents have been in the entertainment industry for years, and it’s likely that they’re not the only ones with big money. Julian’s parents are extremely wealthy and have contributed to his success. However, his parents have never shared their fortune with anyone. The Rapaports’ fame is a significant factor in his rise.


Michael Rapaport grew up in Brooklyn. He was kicked out of PS 158 as a troubled teenager. He also bit a woman’s ear during a fight, which caused the woman to retaliate by sex. Rapaport has since earned a considerable amount of money from his acting. A recent interview on CNN reveals that Michael Rapaport has a net worth of $24 million, which is roughly equivalent to $180 million.

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