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Buy accessories for the household simply from the comfort of your home

Corona has shown us that sometimes it can be advantageous to buy things from internet retailers. In the meantime, many people have made it a habit to only buy things online.

Online retailing also has various advantages: No need to go out and look for a parking space in town or take the train into town. No crowds of people to dig through. No big search for the right item. You can sit in the comfort of your own home and practically pick out the items you want from the comfort of your sofa.

The bathroom as an oasis of well-being

A bathroom should be a place where you feel comfortable. It should be quiet and you should be able to relax in it. This includes either having a good time in the bathtub or relaxing wonderfully in the shower, whichever you prefer. Not everyone can stand a hot bath; many people then get problems with their circulation or otherwise don’t feel well. That’s why a nice shower is a good alternative. 

When you hop under the shower, of course you don’t want all the water to be spread around the bathroom. Not only is that unpleasant because it’s a big mess, it can also be dangerous if you or someone in your family slips on the damp floor. That’s why the shower curtain exists. 

The shower curtain doesn’t have to be boring. There are now so many good, modern models you can buy. Whether it’s special colours or patterns or maybe even a roller blind instead of the curtain. This has the advantage that it doesn’t move in the wind. 

You can choose the shower curtain to match your bathroom décor. This way you can turn this small place into a room that you and your family will love to spend time in.

The annoying problem with laundry

It always depends on your living situation how you can hang the laundry. Those who have a garden can hang a rotary clothes dryer and let the laundry air dry there.

But not everyone has a garden, or some who do, don’t want to have a rotary clothes dryer in the middle of it.

That’s why the clothes stand is very popular in Germany. It provides the opportunity to dry a lot of laundry in a small space. It consists of a frame with various rungs on which you can hang the laundry. The first clothes drying racks had an X-shaped frame and a fold-out part on the left and right where the clothes could be hung up.

Nowadays, there are many different models in various designs and sizes. So a small household, but also a large family can find the right one for them. There are now even towers that have several tiers for the rungs. Here, laundry can be dried on several floors. This is particularly suitable for many people.

But there are also space-saving models that can be attached to a door or a railing. If you don’t have that much laundry, this is a great alternative, which you can then fold up again and put away when the laundry is dry.

The clothes horse also offers some flexibility. For example, if it’s nice outside, you can put it on the terrace or balcony. If a shower does come, you can quickly bring it inside without having to take all the clothes off first. The clothes horse can be placed anywhere you want to use it. 

Another advantage of a clothes horse is that you can fold it up very space-savingly when you’re done and then store it away, so it doesn’t take up so much space at home.


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