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Cathy Nguyen is a well-known YouTube star and married to Michael Banaag in 2015. The couple first started dating in 2011 and got serious about six years later. Their wedding was filmed by Justin Element Productions and they are the parents of daughter Isa Renee. Cathy Nguyen was born in California and has been living with her husband in California. She works as a radiologic technologist and posts videos of her life on social media.

Fan Following 

Cathy Nguyen has a following of over 300,000 on YouTube. Her popularity skyrocketed after she started posting videos on the site. She also has a Twitter account where she posts pictures of her life. Although there have been reports of the couple splitting up, it is not clear how their relationship ended. Nevertheless, fans are still worried about Cath Nguyen’s well-being.

Good Parents

Cathy Nguyen is also on Instagram where she and her daughter share photos of fun and challenges together. A recent video with a picture of the two of them says that they are good parents. Even though the couple has not yet officially announced their split, they still continue to share photos of their daughter. Hopefully, the news of the split will keep Cathy Nguyen’s fans updated.

Marriage and Split

Michael Banaag and Cathy Nguyen married in the spring of 2015. The couple got married in a private ceremony and welcomed their daughter Isa Renee on October 8, 2018. Despite the split, Cathy Nguyen has not yet made a Reddit post about her marriage.

YouTube Channel 

Cathy Nguyen’s YouTube channel is extremely popular and has more than thirty-one thousand subscribers. The channel contains a mix of videos including singing and acting. Cathy Nguyen’s videos are popular among fans, and she has earned money from the ads. She also promotes her new videos on social media.

Maintained a Healthy Relationship 

Michael Banaag and Cathy Nguyen’s relationship has been a long-lasting one. While they are no longer married, the couple has maintained a happy relationship. Despite the rumors, they are content together and appear to be happy. However, a split can happen at any time.

A divorce attorney says her opinion about this: “Usually when people think about divorce, the idea of ending in bad terms is always present. But there are many ways for couples to get to a fair agreement.”

Net Worth 

Cathy Nguyen was born on November 12, 1987 in California. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Her zodiac animal is the rabbit. Cathy Nguyen worked in a sushi restaurant while attending radiology school. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. She and Michael Banaag have two children. Cathy Nguyen has been active on social media for many years.


Cathy Nguyen is a popular Youtuber. She has a fair skin tone and is tall. Her black hair and eyes make her look attractive. She loves working out and maintaining her physical body. It is not surprising that Cathy Nguyen and Michael Banaag have a long-lasting relationship. The two are now raising their daughter, Isa Renee.

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