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Harrison Stephen Foster

Scary Murder

Harrison Stephen Foster was a young man who died in a stabbing attack. The crime occurred in the basement of a house he shared with his girlfriend. He was stabbed multiple times and his body was found covered in blood. Police were called to the scene after a report of suspicious activity. When they arrived, they found Brittany Wilson outside, wearing blood-stained clothes and telling officers that she had stabbed her boyfriend to death with a sword.

His Girlfriend did it

Brittany Wilson told police that she and Foster had taken methamphetamine together earlier in the day. She also said that Foster had been collecting body parts, and that she stabbed him to free him. She also claimed that the drug addict possessed several entities in his body. She was later charged with first-degree murder. She is being held on a $2 million bond. While this case is still unsolved, her family has been left with a tragic loss.

Mugshot with a Wide Smile!

Wilson is being held on first-degree murder and armed criminal action charges. She is wearing an orange jumpsuit and a wide smile in her mugshot. She admitted to authorities that she and Foster both took methamphetamines and believed that Foster was in a mental state. She told police that she wanted to set him free and stab him in order to do so. While she is awaiting trial, she is being held at the Cape Girardeau Municipal Jail.

She was Arrested

Brittany Wilson and Harrison Stephen Foster were in a relationship when she called the Cape Girardeau Police Department on Christmas Eve, reporting that she had stabbed her boyfriend with a sword. She was allegedly intoxicated and high on meth, when she was arrested. Later, Brittany admitted that she killed her boyfriend with a sword after discovering his body in his basement. She was arrested in Missouri on suspicion of murdering her boyfriend on Christmas Eve, while the two had been drinking and high on meth earlier in the day.

High on Methamphetamine

Harrison Stephen Foster is an American citizen who died in a homicide by his girlfriend Brittany Wilson. Wilson was high on methamphetamine when she killed Harrison Stephen Foster, believing that he was a ghost and that she was setting him free. She did not have the courage to tell her boyfriend’s killer that he was not guilty. This murder was a tragic event for the community.


Brittany Wilson’s boyfriend, Harrison Stephen Foster, was stabbed to death with a sword on Christmas Eve, 2010. Brittany was arrested, and she was taken to jail. Harrison Stephen Foster, her boyfriend, was discovered dead in the basement with fresh stab wounds. The murder was the result of a frenzied argument between Wilson and Foster.

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