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Charlie Sheen: $ 10 million hush money for HIV diagnosis

The announcement that a world-famous star was about to reveal a great secret in the next few days caused an uproar in the media world. It quickly became clear: It was Charlie Sheen, who wanted to announce his infection with HIV. Hardly anyone should be surprised that it hit him of all people. Is the star of the Comedy series Two-and-a-half-Man, but in the last few years it has mainly attracted attention due to its excessive lifestyle. He is rumored to have had thousands of sexual partners.

Over $ 10 million of hush money for HIV diagnosis in 4 years

But the revelation about his illness was not entirely voluntary. A prostitute found the drugs in his bathroom and tried to blackmail him with them. But she was by no means the first. Charlie Sheen has known about his infection for four years. Since then, people around him have found out time and again and blackmailed him into giving this information to the press. In the past few years, Sheen has been around a assets out of a total of $ 10 million facilitated. So that this finally comes to an end, Sheen now went public himself.

He spends the money to the fullest

In the course of this, other editions became known that the star has squandered in recent years. In 2013 alone, he paid $ 1,629,507 for the services of prostitutes. In the tax return, these were listed as “Friendly conversation“Listed. He had parties cost him $ 130,000, and he paid his personal chef $ 410,000 in salary. His hotel stays cost $ 105,000 and he invested $ 135,000 in clothing. After all, he also spent $ 100,000 on charity.

Charlie Sheen’s cherished Assets of 140 million euros can of course easily finance such a luxury life. For the successful series “Two and a Half Man” alone, he cashed in until he was kicked out $ 2 million salary per episode. But the realization that you can’t buy health, true friendship or affection with money, might catch up with Charlie Sheen these days.

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