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Evan Berle is Chloe Kim’s boyfriend. The actor graduated from Santa Monica College and is a political operative. He and Kim had a short relationship, but broke up a couple of years ago and haven’t spoken about it since. They were spotted together at the ESPYs and he has been a fan of the model and actress for years. They share many similarities. They have similar interests, and their relationship has been very public.

As far as Kim’s boyfriend goes, he has been with the snowboarder for more than a year. The two announced their relationship on Instagram, and Kim has over 3.7k followers. Despite his busy schedule, he has been sharing pictures and videos of their trip to Switzerland in May 2021. He has also been sharing pictures of Reese and footage of their skateboarding sessions. Nevertheless, the relationship seems to be on the rocks, with no indications of a separation.

While she is still single, she has been in at least one previous relationship. Her relationship with Berle was publicized in January 2020. The two celebrated their first anniversary on January 1, 2019. In December 2018, she split from Toby Miller and went on to date Evan. Despite their recent breakup, they haven’t been open about their relationship. But they are still in love and sharing pictures of their children together.

In June 2017, Evan Berle announced that he was dating Chloe Kim. He shared photos and videos of the two together with Kim, and they were happy to announce their engagement. The two also celebrated their second anniversary together. It’s hard to keep secrets anymore! So who is Evan Berle and what is their relationship like? There’s plenty of rumors surrounding the pair, and there’s no solid evidence, but it sure seems to be a good one!

Chloe Kim’s birthday is April 23, and she is 21 years old. People born on this date fall under the Taurus zodiac sign, while those born on April 23 are Dragons. Therefore, it’s likely that she is dating a man with a similar zodiacal sign. A man may also be a good option for a partner, but there are many other men.

Chloe Kim’s zodiac sign is Taurus. Her birthday is April 23, which makes her 21 years old. As a person born under this date, she is a Taurus. She has the animal Taurus as her zodiac sign. If you’re looking for a boyfriend, he should be a Taurus. They’re a great match for a reason.

The rumors about Kim’s boyfriend are mostly related to her appearance on the halfpipe. The actress has been dating Evan Berle for about a year. The two went public with their relationship in January 2020. They celebrated their first anniversary on January 1, this year. However, Chloe Kim previously dated Toby Miller. Whether the two were involved in a romantic relationship, there is no way to confirm this or not.

While it’s unclear if the actress is dating Evan Berle, she’s been spotted with a number of guys. The former tennis player and Kim have been romantically linked for over a year. Their relationship has been very public for a while and they’ve even shared their support on social media. They’ve been rumored to be dating since December 2018, but the couple have yet to confirm their relationship.

Chloe Kim’s boyfriend Evan Berle has been dating her for over a year now. They first announced their relationship on January 1 of this year. Their first anniversary was on the 8th of February this year. After breaking up with Toby Miller in December 2018, the pair became more public. They also have been sharing their time in the Olympic Village. It’s still unclear if Kim is dating her new boyfriend, but it’s worth checking in with her social media accounts to see who he’s dating.

While Kim is the Olympic gold medalist, she’s also a snowboarder. Her boyfriend is a skateboarder, which is ironic considering the fact that Kim is a professional athlete. In addition to being an Olympic gold medalist, Kim is also a skateboarder and snowboarder. She has been spotted doing both sports with her boyfriend. During the Olympics, she was a big winner for the team.

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