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After dating his long-time girlfriend Kate May for almost five years, Trevor May finally tied the knot with her on 12 November 2016. The baseball player has been a huge fan of electronic music for years and regularly listens to DJ HEYBEEF & DJ MAZR. He has recently become a professional game streamer and joined the Canadian esports team Luminosity Gaming. Born on September 23, 1989, Trevor is 32 years old and stands at 1.96 meters. His height is only 85 kg and he weighs 94 kg.

The couple has two sons, a daughter, and a pet dog named Clyde. In addition to baseball, Trevor May enjoys listening to music, which is reflected in his love for music. His work with radio shows and podcasts was originally produced under the pseudonym DJ HEYBEEF and DJ MAJAR. As a teenager, Trevor May spent much of his time at home in Washington with his siblings.

As a baseball player, May was an exceptional gamer and has a large list of assets. In addition to his many professional titles, he is also the owner of Winston’s Lab, a company that measures Overwatch League performance. Though his wife has not given birth to any children yet, she is expecting a child soon. While we can’t know for sure if she’ll become a mother in the near future, the couple’s relationship is one of the most intriguing aspects of Trevor May’s personal life.

Trevor May is an American professional baseball player. He plays for the Minnesota Twins. He was born in Longview, Washington. His parents are Blumblee May and Fischer May. He grew up with three siblings and completed his high school education at Kelso High School in 2009. He later went on to play baseball at the University of Washington. He has also been married to his long-time girlfriend, Kate May, since 2003.

Despite being a highly successful baseball player, he is not wealthy. Despite his fame, he is still a family man. His wife, Kate, has two children. Currently, he has three children. He also has an esports company called Winston’s Lab. The couple’s income comes from these investments. The marriage between May is very long-lasting. It’s hard to believe he’s single, but his wife is the ‘one’ person who’s keeping him happy and in the spotlight.

In the meantime, Trevor May’s wife has a very attractive personality and a great wealth of assets. The couple has been married for about four years and have three children. The ‘Trevor May’ website has a biography detailing their relationship. They met through their mutual friend at a fan convention and the gamer met their fans. During the wedding, she met Steve Maida. The two eventually became friends.

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