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The actor Damian Romeo was born on June 9, 1994. He is a Canadian and holds the nationality of Gemini. His parents are from Canada, and he has two brothers. He is now in his mid-twenties. He is 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm) tall and has a scar on his face. He completed his high school education in Canada and joined the University of Toronto in 2015. He will graduate in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater.

Despite the angst of his role in Netflix’s “Ginny & Georgia,” Damian Romeo has not been in a relationship. He is an aspiring actor, and his recent work has earned him an estimated net worth of $ 100 thousand. He will be appearing in a new series of The Expanse, and is a rising star in the industry. His age will likely rise as he continues to gain popularity.

Damian Romeo is a Canadian actor who began his acting career in 2014 with the short film “Enchantment.” He has acted in 12 short films and arrangement movies to date. Some of his most notable roles include “The Expanse” (2020) and “Ginny and Georgia (2021). His stature is 1.93 meters (6 feet) tall. His net worth is unknown, but it is estimated to be between $100,000 and $500 thousand.

Although the Canadian actor is currently only twenty-four years old, his net worth is growing steadily. His prestigious high school degree in theater led to a successful career in the industry. He has been acting professionally since 2014. He rose to fame after playing Matt Pressin in Ginny & Georgia (2021) and has continued to play roles in movies such as Believe in You and The Haunt (2016). However, despite his impressive resume, his ardent focus on acting has landed him numerous jobs and a substantial bank account.

Although Damian Romeo is still in his teens, his income is not too low. He has been a member of the British Army for nearly a decade and was deployed during the Covid-19 pandemic, where he helped the Canadians. The actor has no children, but he has been married to a couple of women and is currently single. The actor has no children and has not revealed his relationship status.

While his relationship status is private, Romeo’s Instagram account has a large number of followers. He has 284 Twitter followers and follows 55 others. He will star in the upcoming Netflix movie, “Ginny & Georgia.” The film will have 10 episodes and will star Damian Romeo as the protagonist, Max Press. His brother Mason Temple is also a prominent member of the film’s cast.

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