David Childress Net Worth

David Childress net worth is estimated at $5 million dollars. He is an author and founder of Adventures Unlimited Press, a publishing company focusing on unusual subjects. He was born on June 1, 1957, in France and is 64 years old at the time of this article’s publication. His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million dollars in 2021. The estimated net worth is based on various factors. Here are some of these factors:

David Hatcher Childress is a well-known author and publisher. He was born in June 1957, and he has been publishing books ever since. His books cover a wide variety of topics, including ancient mysteries, lost cities, and choice history. His latest books explore the sphere of space and the ancient astronauts that might have walked on earth. Childress is married to Jennifer M. Bolm, and they have three children.

David Childress’s books are widely-read and have been translated into many languages. His first book was published by the Chicago Review Press in 1983, and he eventually founded his own company in 1984, Adventures Unlimited Press. This publishing company published his books, as well as other authors’. His books presented speculative theories and obscure technologies. He also created the World Explorers Club in 1992, which occasionally offers tours to places he writes about. He also publishes a magazine called World Explorer.

David Hatcher Childress is an author who is considered to be among the most influential writers in the world. His social media outreach is extensive and he is an amazing celebrity influencer. Childress frequently posts videos and personal photos to his massive fan base, and interacts with them often. His social media presence shows that he has an incredibly engaged and personal relationship with his followers. So, the net worth of David Hatcher Childress is estimated to be at least $3 million.

As an author, Childress has made a name for himself by writing about unusual subjects. His books include ‘The Crystal Skull,’ ‘Lost Cities,’ and ‘Ancient Mysteries of South America’. His latest book, ‘Time Travel Handbook’, is a satire of time travel, a pseudo-archaeology subject. And in the past, he has also written about ‘The Time Travel Handbook’.

Another aspect of his career that has contributed to his net worth is his writing career. He has published numerous books, including A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Africa and Arabia. He has also been a successful author with over a dozen books to his credit. David Hatcher Childress has a successful publishing company, which has helped him establish a name for himself in the field. Besides writing books, he has edited many other authors’ books.

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