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David Koch: The fortune of the extremely rich businessman

How rich is David Koch?

Anyone who is even vaguely familiar with US politics has certainly heard of the Koch brothers. Another reason why they are so influential is that they are among the richest people in the world and can therefore spend a lot of money on lobbying. In the summer of 2018, Forbes Magazine even named David Koch as the eighth richest person in the world. With such a fortune, it’s no wonder that the American is so high in the ranking of the richest people on earth. The David Koch’s fortune is 45 billion euros.

The Koch Industries company and the billions associated with it

David Koch net worth
There are also hardly any doubts about the fact that his wealth is likely to grow considerably in the future. The 2016 Forbes list eventually led to a fortune of less than $ 40 billion for David Koch. The places of the richest people in the world often have a little ups and downs, which is also due to the fluctuating share prices. So every place can change, including the first. Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos can tell you a thing or two about it. David Koch always has the same place of the richest people in the world as his brother Charles Koch. After all, both hold equally large shares in the family company Koch Industries. David resigned from his position as Vice President of the company in 2018 due to health reasons.

As is customary for wealthy Americans, David Koch is also committed to a good cause. However, he is better known for his political commitment, which has mainly taken place behind the scenes since the 1980s. The Koch brothers have Taken hundreds of millions of dollars to promote their political favorites. Most of this money flows through hidden, difficult to understand channels, which include various think tanks, bogus companies and numerous foundations. In the meantime, David Koch appears as an avowed Republican. He is considered one of the most important financiers of the tea party movement. For a Republican, on the other hand, it is rather unusual for him to be in favor of gay marriage.

David Koch is committed to a good cause

When it comes to his commitment to a good cause, David Koch is one of the 50 top world changers. At least that’s what the Chronicle of Philanthropy found. Most of his charitable work is carried out through his own foundation, the David H. Koch Charitable Foundation. Koch himself states that his engagement in the medical field is primarily aimed at finding a cure for cancer. From 1998 to 2012, the entrepreneur invested almost 350 million euros in promoting medical research for the benefit of mankind. The American is also involved in the Board of Directors of the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

David Koch committed a good 85 million euros to the New York State Theater in 2008, which has since been named after him to honor the generous donor. The American also made a good 8.5 million euros to renovate the fountain in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. If these sums seem like a waste, you should keep in mind that they are nothing more than peanuts for Koch himself.

Even if you could certainly achieve bigger things with these sums, the domestic economy also benefits from this investment. His financial commitment to the American Ballet Theater shows how dearly the arts are to the Mughal. The billionaire is just as committed to reforming the prison system as he is to education. In the summer of 2015, David Koch was even praised by President Barack Obama for his efforts to revolutionize the prison system beyond party lines. With so much social commitment and so much money in his account, David H. Koch can certainly sleep well at night.

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