Dick Francis Net Worth

Dick Francis Net Worth

If you have been wondering about the net worth of jockey and racing writer Dick Francis, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn about his career and his net worth. Francis is an author of more than 40 international best sellers. His autobiography, The Sport of Queens, was published in 1957. After completing his book, Francis accepted a job as a racing correspondent for the Sunday Express newspaper. His net worth today is estimated at $10 million.

Mary Francis wanted to co-author Dick Francis’s biography, and she did much of the research. The biographer Graham Lord wrote a very convincing biography, but Mary Francis was the one who did most of the research. Mary Francis was a well-educated person, with a degree in English and French from the Royal Holloway College. Dick and Mary married in June 1947 and had two children, David and Emily.

Dick Francis net worth is not available, but is expected to be at least $10 million. He was born on October 31 in 1911. His date of birth is unknown. His age at death is unknown. His birthday falls in October, so his age is based on current estimates. Francis was married to her first husband for four years, and their children were born at a later date. His net worth is not public knowledge, but it is estimated to be close to $1 million.

As a horse jockey, Dick Francis had a lucrative career. He excelled at steeple chases and racing and later became a well-known crime writer. His net worth is comparable to that of legendary American jockey Willie Shoemaker. However, his true identity remains unknown. While Dick Francis’ wiki biography and rumor mills can be found online, he is still widely considered a legendary horse jockey.

Dick Francis’ books have become best-sellers and have been translated into over 35 languages. He has also co-authored and edited four collections of racing stories, and contributed to countless periodicals. Dick received the OBE in 1984, the Silver Dagger from the CWA, the Gold Dagger from the CWA and the Cartier Diamond Daremaker for his lifetime achievements. In addition to this, his books have received many awards, including the Cartier Diamond Dagger and the Silver Dagger from the Royal Society of Arts.

While he had been known for his brutality and violence, Francis began writing softer novels in the late 1970s. His first novel, Reflex, was published in 1980. It was an introspective novel, which delved into the protagonist’s mental and emotional turmoils. Francis also coauthored The Dead Heat series and Silks. Other novels include Dead Heat and Hot Money. Francis’ net worth is estimated at $50 million.

Dick Francis’ writing career also led to television adaptations of his novels. He starred in six television movies based on his titles, The Dick Francis Thriller: The Racing Game (1979-1980). Other adaptations of his novels include Bloodsport, Odds Against, and In Frame. One film based on a Francis novel, Twice Shy, starred Ian McShane as David Cleveland. His last three novels were written with his son, Felix Francis.


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