Eyewear Frame Types – Do Half-Rim Glasses Adorn Best Styles?

Shopping for a pair of spectacles or sunglasses, the first thing that swirls around your mind is the perfect frame type. You as a fashion freak want a pair that is in style, displays your dynamic personality, and offers excellent functionality. That’s because an elegant eyewear style is the primary portrayal of your marvelous fashion choice.

Whenever we talk about eyewear frame types, three main categories emerge; Full-rim, Half-rim, and Rimless frames. While each style has its own benefits and limitation, there must be a pair that is deemed perfect in any given situation.

Many fashion enthusiasts and styling gurus believe (and so do us) that half-rims should be your ideal frame type if you’re perplexed among the three styles. Why? Well, in simpler words, half-rims alone can do what both rimless & full-rim frames can, adding a subtle touch of uniqueness to your personality.

Want deeper insights into this statement? Dive deep into the article as we explain the benefits and limitations (if there are any) of the half-rim eyewear style:

What are Half-Rim Glasses?

According to TheShadesHut, Half-rim Glasses, as depicted by its name, refers to a frame with either half of the lens (upper or lower half) is covered while the other half is left uncovered. Some half-rims feature an invisible wire for better holding and adjustability of lenses. Also known as semi-rimless frames, these glasses feature a unique combination of full-rim and rimless pairs.

Most half-rim glasses have the upper side of lenses covered. This is because such style has been in fashion since its origin and exhibits way more elegance as compared to the lower-framed half-rims. However, many branded & designer pairs employ lower-framed configurations offering equally impeccable appearance. So, it all comes down to one’s preference.

Several established eyewear brands use the half-rim configuration in their styles. So much so, that the frame type has become a signature for the brands. For instance, the half-rim rectangular spectacles of Burberry, particularly in Havana color, as the most desirable choice for Burberry lovers. Likewise, Oakley’s Half & Flak jacket sunnies also feature half-rim frames making them truly stand out from other Oakleys.

Half-Rim Glasses – How Do They Fair Against Other Frame Types?

Since half-rim frames are a combo of rimmed and rimless styles, they ideally offer the benefits of both these styles. Here’s why half-rims should be your go-to frame type in any given situation:

1. Lightweight yet Sturdy

Half-rim frames are way lighter than full-rim, primarily due to the absence of a frame on one side of lenses. Lesser frame volume accounts for lesser weight and in turn greater comfortability. If you struggle wearing full-rim sunglasses all day long, consider shifting to half-rims, as they tend to offer a similar function, but with lesser weight.

Concerns might arise about their sturdiness owing to lesser frame volume around lenses. But rest assured, half-rim glasses are just as sturdy as full-rim glasses and hold the glass lenses way more firmly than rimless frames. All in all, half-rim glasses offer a nicely balanced utility.

2. Can Make Excellent Prescription Glasses

Prescription lenses are way thicker and heavier as compared to non-prescription and sunglasses lenses. And that’s one of the basic issues prevailing with prescription spectacles.

Full-rims might readily have a load of frames; fitting prescription lenses in full-rims may add to the weight making them heftier for day-long wearing. If you need impact-resistant, metal, or oversized designs, the load just keeps adding on.

Correspondingly, rimless frames might be thin and sleek enough to put minimal weight. But they’re equally prone to breaking due to the exceptional weight of thick prescription lenses.

Half-rim glasses, meanwhile, offer a solution to this dilemma. The frame material around lenses is enough to hold them firmly while going easy on your eyes, nose, and ears. So, whether you want reading glasses, prescription frames for everyday use, or traveling glasses, half-rims are the ones that got you covered.

3. Available in Various Designs

Unlike rimless frames, half-rims can be molded into every style and design. Although it depends on your personal preference, the range of styles half-rims possess is truly dynamic. They’re great as formal glasses for official meetings and equally perfect to adorn casual gatherings. On top of that, half-rim glasses are currently in style. From half-rim cat-eye frames, traditional rectangular, and vintage round to the half-rim oversized styles – everything about half-rim is the center of focus for eyewear enthusiasts in 2022.

Limitations of Half-Rim Glasses

Wondering if there could be any drawbacks to half-rim frames? Let us roll out some possible snags that you need to stay wary of when buying semi-rimless glasses:

●     Don’t Go Rough on Your Frames

Half-rim glasses might be a good choice against rimless for a firm grip on lenses. Yet, they could be less durable as compared to robust rimmed frames. You still, somehow, need to be careful about them as half of their lenses are exposed.

●     Choose a Style According to Your Facial Features

These frames might be in fashion in 2022, but you need to remain cautious about your choice for the particular style. Not every face type is suited for any sort of random half-rim style.

For instance, oversized half-rims only go well with a round or a tad oval face shape. In contrast, the vintage round frames in the sleek, minimalist half-rim configuration are perfect for geometric face shapes such as diamonds, squares, triangles, and others. It’s always prudent to draw a fitting contrast between your facial features and the style you prefer.

Are Half-Rim Glasses Worth My Investment?

Yes! Half-rim pairs are absolutely worth your investment for endless reasons:

  • First off, they’re well-suited for you regardless of your personality type. Most half-rim styles tend to offer a laid-back appearance while exhibiting a subtle touch of style.
  • Semi-rimless pair works as an ideal daily life companion for visual assistance. These frames are lightweight and somewhat sturdy. However, you still have to care for accidental drops.
  • They are deemed to remain in fashion throughout the year, so you readily have several style choices at your disposal. Yet, choosing a style just according to your face type should be the more desirable option.

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