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Dua Lipa: Singer’s Net Worth & Income

How much money does Dua Lipa have?

Dua Lipa sounds like an extravagant stage name, but the explanation is as simple as it is beautiful: Dua means love in Albanian and Lipa is a common Kosovar family name. The British-born chart topper has roots in Kosovo. Through ambition, hard work and the right contacts, the pretty singer managed to lay down an absolutely successful career within a few years. A Grammy, the Brit Awards 2018 and a host of other awards pave their way. The cherished Dua Lipa’s net worth is 20 million euros.

The musical family Lipa

Income from Dua Lipa
Music has always played an important role in the Lipa family, Dua’s father, a dentist from Prishtina, is a member of a rock band. Dua tries her hand at the school choir in elementary school. When she was eleven, the family moved back to Kosovo. There she attended her first concerts, but in Kosovo hip hop was heard almost exclusively. At the age of 15 it was clear to Dua Lipa that she wanted to become a musician. However, she also knew that she should return to London for this, as she has more opportunities there to gain a foothold in the music business.

There she lived in a shared apartment, modeled and worked in a club, where she attracted the attention of the British songwriter Marlon Roudette. He recognized Dua’s talent and posted some of her demos on SoundCloud. From then on everything went like clockwork, because that Lana Del Rey’s production team noticed her and signed Dua Lipa.

The high-altitude flight takes its course

2015 became the first single New love released. The first chart hit followed at the end of the year in the form of the next single Be the One. This hit should sell half a million times within a year. With the other single releases the singer achieved success abroad and was suddenly known and loved in North and South America.

The single New Rules developed into an international long-running favoritewho made it into the top 10 in Germany. The song was streamed over a billion times on Spotify. Suddenly Dua Lipa should be everywhere at the same time: at award shows, TV shows, concerts, festivals. She had practically no stage experience!

Dua Lipa’s road to success

Merit of Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa is a brilliant singer, but definitely not an entertainer. So she earned a lot of criticism for her first, clumsy appearing appearances. But here, too, she did not give up: She worked accordingly hard with her dancers on her choreography and was able to work with them MTV Europe Music Awards with their show and the new single Don’t start now completely convince. The studio album, which bears her name, was able to reach the charts in over 25 countries. The album sales continued to add to Dua Lipa’s net worth.

In 2018 she was able to record the greatest successes of her career to date with two Brit Awards. In addition, countless other nominations and awards followed. In the same year she released One kiss, a collaboration with Calvin Harris. High was made together with producer Whethan, who is in the film Fifty Shades of Gray – Freed Lust appeared. The second studio album followed in 2020. The single Swan Song was already from the cyberpunk action film Alita: Battle Angel known. Future nostalgia, the name of the album, reached top international positions in the charts.

The singer’s sources of income

Dua Lipa’s fortune grew out of song sales, touring and modeling. It also launched in August 2019 together with the fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent the perfume Libre. Further income brings Dua Lipa the cooperation with the British car brand Jaguar, which the singer is the face of her advertising campaign for the electric car I-pace used. With such promotional deals, Dua Lipa can grow her fortune even further.

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