Dual Citizenship in Malta: Is it possible?

Various programs for investors allow you to worry about the future and prepare a “backup plan”. Wealthy people choose the right option, taking into account their requirements and country conditions. An experienced expert from Imin Malta Albert Loffe can help you find a second home and access the benefits.

Interest in government offers is easy to explain. For example, the Malta citizenship program does not limit participants in the choice of investment options. In addition, the immigrant keeps the old passport and receives a new one for greater benefits. The naturalization process is not the easiest, but there are ways to make it pleasant and easy.

The Concept of Dual Citizenship in Malta

The first investors took part in the program in 2000. There have been no major changes since then, which indicates the reliability of the idea. Immigrants choose their preferred status from the following options:

  • temporary residence permit;
  • permanent residence permit;
  • Malta dual citizenship and passport.

The cost of participation is from 150 thousand euros. The final price is based on the number of applicants, the conditions chosen and the type of permit. Thus, the investor with his family will be able to live on the island for a certain period of time and assess the available advantages.

Regardless of the immigrant’s status, he is offered equal rights with the local population. The only restriction is that residents cannot hold public office or participate in elections. All other rights – education, medicine, business – are available immediately after the issuance of documents.

Benefits of Dual Citizenship in Malta

A trip to the sunny Mediterranean country will allow you to see the first advantages. Tourists and investors who want to obtain dual citizenship in Malta, pay attention to the scenic beauty of the places. However, these are not the main motives to make an application, because the country offers other benefits:

  1. Visa-free travel. It is possible to visit other countries of the European Union without a visa. A number of other states have signed agreements with Malta on the possibility to cross the border with a minimum set of documents. Thus, the citizen enjoys the right to register on arrival.
  2. Profitable markets. Partner states use the market on the same conditions. This means that the activities of entrepreneurs are governed by the same rules, and the market has become unified. Thus the sale of goods and movement of funds will not cause inconvenience.
  3. Liquid real estate. Malta passport allows you to buy and sell property with a special profit. Also the entrepreneur can rent out housing (premises) and receive about 15% per annum. Buying and selling is available not only in Malta, but also in the whole EU.
  4. Minimal restrictions. Passport holders travel to the island when borders are closed. There is no limit to the length of stay. This privilege will allow you to stay safe for any length of stay.
  5. Scope of service. Registering an account with EU banks will not cause any problems. The investor enjoys an exclusive right of access to capital, regardless of the country of residence. Acceptable cost of living is an additional plus of moving to the island. 

Living conditions meet the basic criteria: it is safe and comfortable. The loyal policy of the authorities also contributes to the popularization of the offer, which is difficult to refuse.

The Process of Acquiring Maltese Citizenship

All adult investors can make a request and participate in the program. It is easy to get support from specialists: accredited agents fulfill part of the requirements without involving the immigrant. The cosmopolitan has to hand over the papers to the consul and wait for approval.

The way of obtaining a Maltese passport by naturalization for investments within 3 to 36 months includes several stages:

  1. Preparation of documents. Legal activities, proof of security and other papers need to be handed over to the consul. Consideration of the application takes about 1 month, and the answer is sent to the address of residence.
  2. Making an investment. Since the country offers several types of permits, you need to choose the right one and determine the best option. Next, the investor contributes capital.
  3. Application processing. The government checks the applicant thoroughly. This is a feature of the program that affects the evaluation of the proposal. The results of the screening will allow obtain an approval.

The main applicant enjoys the right to include relatives in the application. Additional paperwork is required for the application to be considered: marriage certificate, birth certificate, and proof of financial dependency. It is the responsibility of the applicant to contribute funds for dependents, including processing fees and other costs.


If you are thinking of setting up a second home, Malta will not disappoint. The country offers temporary residency or permanent citizenship under simple conditions. A wealthy entrepreneur needs to make a deposit and prove his or her trustworthiness.

Maltese dual citizenship program does not limit the investor in choice. Several investment options are available to immigrants, among which it is easy to choose the right one. In addition, adult children who are not married can be included in the application. Citizenship is allowed to be inherited, which is also good news for foreigners.

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