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Recently, the pastor of the Praise International Church in Florida, Pastor Dwayne Dawkins, became an internet sensation after a video of him went viral. While social media users claim that the man in the video is Dawkins, the pastor denies this. This video may be a hoax, but it does illustrate Dawkins’ strong anti-homosexual stance. It may be a sign of a larger controversy in Dawkins’ ministry, but it still remains an important conversation to discuss.

Is He a Gay

The video, which was allegedly recorded by Pastor Dwayne Dawkins, spread quickly across social media platforms, including Reddit and Telegram. The video depicts a man having sex with Dawkins, and was shared by thousands of users. However, it hasn’t been confirmed whether Dawkins is gay or not, but his wife, Tamia Dawkins, maintains that it’s not true.


Dawkins was born in New York City, and raised in a Christian home. When he was fourteen years old, he began attending the ministry at a local church. As a pastor, he has led 21 youth groups at the Eastern New York Assembly, a Churches of God State Youth Organization. His spiritual father, Bishop Timothy Clark, is an apolitical representative from Columbus, Ohio. Dwayne Dawkins received his bachelor’s degree from SUNY Old Westbury, and later earned his Master’s degree in Urban Ministry at the Alliance Theological Seminary. After he graduated from college, Dawkins spent eight years teaching in the New York City school system, and was the president of the Churches of God State Youth Organization.


Dwayne Dawkins, a pastor who is a partner at Praise International Church in Florida, founded DHDawkins Ministries. The ministry takes a Christian approach to religion, but he does not preach in a preachy manner. He is a charismatic leader who claims his ministry spans beyond religious preaching. He is married to Tamia Dawkins and the couple has three children. His family has been hesitant to comment on the controversy, and hopes to keep a distance from it all.


Dwayne Dawkins’ video was the subject of a controversy in which he accidentally broached the topic of homosexuality. Many mistook him for a gay man after seeing the video. Dawkins is married to Tamia Dawkins . However, he has never declared himself to be a homosexual, and this video is the result of an accident.

Couple’s Success 

Pastor Dawkins has been married to Tamia for 14 years. They lead the Praise Tabernacle International church in Plantation, Florida. They serve communities in Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Broward counties. Dawkins’ marriage to Tamia Dawkins led to the couple’s success in ministry. They have three kids together: Dywane H. Dawkins II, Dywane H. Dawkins, and Tyra.


Pastor Dwayne Dawkins is a New York-born missionary educator and pastor. His wife Tamia Dawkins is a Christian and an advocate for gay rights. The clip was shared on Twitter and has since become a trending topic. It’s unclear who the man was but it’s clear that Dawkins unintentionally communicated his homosexuality on his podcast. Whether it was a mistake or not, Dawkins’ church members are right that he made a mistake.

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