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Eddie Murphy: Actor’s Fees & Net Worth

How rich is Eddie Murphy?

Eddie Murphy is extremely rich, making this American one of the international comedy superstars. The native New Yorker was not only very busy on stage and in front of the camera. After all, this man has ten children, including a daughter with Mel B, the former Spice Girl. Eddie initially denied his paternity, so a DNA test first had to prove the opposite. After all, the comedian seems to have learned a lot from his failed relationships. In any case, as a hundredfold millionaire, he can look after all his children well. The cherished Eddie Murphy’s net worth is 125 million euros.

Merit of Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy's fees
Eddie Murphy has been in a relationship with his current girlfriend Paige Butcher since 2012. The couple now even have a daughter together. Nonetheless, Murphy has so far waived another marriage. In spite of his private escapades, for the most part the American’s professional life went very well. The US-American Forbes magazine carries it over and over again as one of the top paid actors all over Hollywood.

For example, between June 2007 and the summer of the following year, the star collected fees of $ 55 million. This sum has an equivalent value of almost 50 million euros. At the same time, only Will Smith made $ 80 million and Johnny Depp made $ 72 million more. However, Eddie Murphy shared his third place behind those living Hollywood legends back then with Mike Myers. From his appearances as a stage comedian to his work as a voice actor in several Shrek films, Murphy understands what he has to do to make a substantial fortune. Murphy is also one of the most overpaid actors out there, according to Forbes. the Films with Eddie Murphy returned just $ 2.30 for every $ 1 production cost.

The highest fees

Eddie Murphy was getting large salaries. His hit list of films is very long, we list his highest merits for you:

7th Beverly Hills Cop – 1984

Murphy received a fee of 14 million US dollars for “Beverly Hills Cop – I’ll definitely fix it”.

6th Beverly Hills Cop III – 1994

While the actor received only $ 8 million for Beverly Hills Cop II (1987), the third installment in the series was a well-paid success. He received $ 15 million for Beverly Hills Cop III.

Merit of Eddie Murphy

5The Mad Professor (Nutty Professor) – 1996

Eddie made $ 16 million for this role as a mad professor.

4thDr. Dolittle – 1998

1998 was a monetary success for Eddie Murphy. The actor could be seen or heard in three strips: Dr. Dolittle (Doctor Dolittle), Mulan (voice for Mushu) and Der Guru (Holy Man). For his role as Dr. Dolittle received a salary of $ 17.5 million.

3Pluto Nash – The Adventures of Pluto Nash – 2002

In addition to “Pluto Nash – In the Fight Against the Moon Mafia”, “Showtime” and “I Spy” were also released in 2002. It rained a whopping $ 20 million in earnings for Pluto Nash.

2Dr. Dolittle 2 – 2001

For sequels to films in a series there are of course usually higher fees, as you build on the first part and don’t want to change the main roles. When Dr. Dolittle 2 Murphy got a salary of $ 20 million.

1 The Klumps Family and the Mad Professor (Nutty Professor II: The Klumps) – 2000

Although Eddie Murphy was hired for many films after 2000, his fees did not rise as high as in “The Klumps Family and the Mad Professor”. The pay was $ 20 million plus a 20% participation in profits for his role in the film.

Highlights from the career

The Murphys’ talent for acting seems to run through the family. After all, Eddie’s brother Charles is also successful in this profession. The brothers come from a rather simple background. The mother worked as a telephone operator, while the father made his living as a police officer. The parents divorced early on, when little Eddie was just three years old. Just five years later his father was murdered. Perhaps that fate is one of the reasons Eddie Murphy wants other people to enjoy his performances these days.

Income from Eddie Murphy
One of the things that made the American stand-up comedian famous was his quick way of speaking. Eddie made his first appearance as a comedian when he was 15 years old. As early as 1980, the Afro-American was part of the ensemble of the cult format “Saturday Night Live” (SNL). At SNL, he was paid $ 4,500 per episode in 1981, and then a whopping $ 30,000 per episode in 1982. These achievements earned him at least two Emmy nominations, although Eddie certainly attracted attention with his cheeky and sometimes disrespectful manner. How quickly Eddie Murphy got off to a flying start after the SNL is also shown by this fact: he made his cinema debut as early as 1982.

Actor, comedian, voice actor

Back then, Eddie Murphy was in “Just 48 Hours”. Nobody could have guessed that this success would lead to a nomination for a Golden Globe for “Best Young Actor”. Murphy celebrated his final breakthrough with his lead role in “The Soldiers of Fortune,” which also earned him another Emmy nomination. His times with “Beverly Hills Cop” are still unforgettable. However, it should still be until the year 2007 last until Eddie was finally allowed to take home a Golden Globe. This award was certain for his role in “Dreamgirls”. Whether as a producer, screenwriter, director, actor or voice actor, Eddie Murphy has his fingers in Hollywood in many ways.

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