Entertainment Ideas: How to Create A Memorable Evening with Friends During Winter

Our friends can be a pillar of joy and happiness, and together we create momentous moments that we wouldn’t trade for anything. Still, we sometimes let the weather, finances, and tight schedules come in the way of these priceless gifts of life. Did you know that you can have a great time with friends with limited money and time? We have top cost-effective entertainment ideas for you and your friends during winter that may surprise you. Read on to the end to find out!

Entertainment ideas to explore

Outdoor Barbeque Dinner

Eating out can be effortless, but the high-budget rates and time wastage may be unfavourable. Cooking from your own home is an easier alternative, excluding the disheartening back-to-back cleaning of dishes. A solution is installing our compact barbeques to save time, money and maintain the fun vibes of cooking. A small BBQ oven allows you to use your culinary skills to impress your group of friends or family affordably. There are also two-in-one additions that serve as barbeque ovens and outdoor heaters in Sydney. These are perfect for keeping your guests warm and entertained as they dig into your homemade meal.

Homemade Pizza Party

Talk of the most popular party meal for Aussies, and it’s easy to see why from the rich tastes and flavours. It gets better if you have your outdoor wood pizza oven. For starters, it’s easy to prepare. Secondly, homemade pizzas allow for a little bit of creativity with unique toppings and flavours to meet and exceed the ordered pizza. If you take a pick from our latest collection of woodfired pizza ovens, your guests can relish gourmet pizza without the additional cost. This is especially true with the high-quality and leading models.

Outdoor Movie Night

We all like a good story, and movies are often the go-to place. So, take it to the classics by providing popcorn and invite your friends to a movie night. Take it up a notch by watching the movie on an outdoor projector screen. Once everything is set, get ready for a movie marathon with the dark and long winter nights on your side.

Still, the low exterior temperatures will require a high-quality outdoor heater to keep you and your mates warm. We provide a cost-effective solution for your heating requirements with various high-calibre winter warmers. If popcorn is not enough, you can consider an outdoor wood burning heater for cooking marshmallows and smores.

Fireplace Game Night

Get ahead of the entertainment game with a campfire gathering. This is one of the pleasures that your friends will thank you for. You can do it indoors or outdoors, provided with a warm fireplace. Moreover, there are so many games to choose from. The Cards Against Humanity can come in handy. Whichever you select, ensure it’s interactive to help you and your friends reignite the bond and solidify the relationship until who-knows-when.


There are many heaters on the market, and the one you choose should revolve around your access to fuel and preference. You can effortlessly meet your taste with many options, from electrical and gas to wood fired heaters. On the other hand, freestanding wood stoves are perfect if you wish to heat large rooms. Still, any winter party in Australia calls for high-efficiency space heaters. Winter warmers like ours minimise your heating bills significantly while allowing you to have lots of fun year in and out!


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