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Eric Bellinger Net Worth


Eric Bellinger net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, but it is hard to say exactly. Throughout his career, he has been dedicated and diligent, earning a decent amount of money. Born in Los Angeles, he grew up in Compton. His grandfather, Bobby Day, was a songwriter for the Jackson 5 and is a notable music personality. He spit bars for some of the biggest artists and even turned down a football scholarship to play.

Ambitious Career

Eric Bellinger’s career has seen him achieve greater heights. He co-wrote tracks for pop stars like Selena Gomez and he also appeared on the PlayStation 3 game Killzone 3. His first studio album, The Rebirth, was released in 2013 and has already received multiple awards. In 2014, it was named ASCAP’s top song and reached number 23 on the US RnB chart.

Great Fan Base

The singer/songwriter was born in 1986 and is now a multi-millionaire. He has a great fan base and has earned a huge net worth. He has also become an influential member of the music industry. His songs have been featured on numerous albums and hit the radio. In addition, he has co-written tracks for many other artists. The most notable of these collaborations is his collaboration with 2 Chainz on “Focused on You.”


As a songwriter, Eric Bellinger has reached even greater heights. In 2010, he signed with TWC Music Publishing/Sony ATV Music LLC. In addition to composing music for artists, he has also collaborated with others in the music industry. In 2013, he wrote the hit song “Lemme See,” which won the Grammy for best RnB album. In 2014, Bellinger started his solo career and has since released his first solo album. In 2015, he continued to release successful albums.

Written for Big Names 

After signing with TWC Music Publishing/Sony ATV Music LLC in 2010, Bellinger has worked with many other artists to earn a high net worth. He has written for Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, and Trey Songz. His single, “Focused on You”, is a hit and has earned him a Grammy. It has over 1 billion combined streams. Hence, Eric Bellinger net worth is on the rise.

Debut Album

Despite being a singer, Bellinger’s career as a songwriter is equally diverse. His debut studio album, The Rebirth, reached number 23 on the R&B charts and entered the album chart. Aside from his music, Bellinger has a variety of projects. He also has a home studio.

Notable Projects 

He is a member of a writing collective called The Writing Camp. His single “Focused on You” has been featured by two Chainz. Aside from his success, he also has a number of other notable projects that he has been involved with.

Multiple Award Winner

In the music industry, Bellinger has a large net worth. As a singer, he has had a long-running career that has brought him to the forefront of many musical genres. His career has helped him gain many awards, including the Grammy for best RnB album in 2012. In music, he has a catalog of over one billion combined streams and has worked with various influential people in the industry. He has won a Grammy for “FAME” by Chris Brown. His song, “Focused on You,” by Usher, has also been a hit. His songwriting has made him a star, and his success has been a source of inspiration for his fans.


During his childhood, Eric Bellinger attended Norwalk/ Santa Fe Springs Area schools. He was a star athlete, and his talent helped him earn a high school diploma. During his teenage years, he also began a successful career in music. He was a writer for Chris Brown, and his song “F.A.M.E” won the Grammy for best RnB album. His success led to him to release his debut studio album, “The Rebirth.” It was a hit, and he’s still keeping it a secret.

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