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Shealen Uaiwa


Model Shealen Uaiwa is engaged to mixed martial artist B.J. Penn. Although the two are not married, their relationship has been in the spotlight lately. She is also the girlfriend of MMA fighter B.J. Penn, who recently filed for a restraining order against her. The restraining order was first granted in October 2018. In addition to the restraining orders, Uaiwa has a plethora of other legal issues surrounding her relationship with Penn.

Live in Partners

Her boyfriend B.J. Penn is a MMA Fighter. The pair have dated for more than 10 years and were formerly live-in partners. However, Penn’s divorce is causing a rift between the two. It has been reported that Uaiwa has been threatening to file for a third time, and she’s not planning to leave her boyfriend.

A Model

Shealen Uaiwa is a Hawaiian model. She has been dating B.J. Penn for ten years, and the couple have two daughters together. Her husband is an MMA fighter, and they are expected to separate later this year. While they remain very private about their relationship, it’s still rumored that the two are preparing to tie the knot in 2019. Shealen’s new role as an MMA fighter may be in her future.

Two Daughters Together

In the past, Uaiwa had worked as a model for various companies. According to her ModelMayhem profile, she was looking for modeling work to help her build a portfolio. Penn and Uaiwa have kept their relationship low-key. The actor calls Shealen “his wife,” and they share two daughters together. They were a live-in couple for some years, and the relationship is now public.

Love Story

Shealen Uaiwa is the girlfriend of MMA fighter B.J. Penn. The two met in 2008 and have been together ever since. Shealen taiga vs. B.J. Penn is also the mother of his two daughters. Shealen uaiwiwa‘s son has two kids with her husband.

Long Term Relationship 

Shealen Uaiwa has a long-term relationship with MMA star B.J. Penn, who is a former boxer, and Shealen taiga have been linked since the beginning of the decade. The two were together for a decade. They have two daughters. Shealen Taiga’s ex-husband, Sean Penn, and Shea, both of Maui, have remained a low-profile couple.

Not Married Yet

Shea taiga vs. B.J. Penn has never been married. In fact, she has only had one serious girlfriend in her life and is not even married yet. Shealen uaiwa para: The restraining order was filed on October 9, and the court granted it for another three years, allowing Penn to stay away from his family. The restraining order has not been lifted yet, and sealed taiga aims to protect herself from the alleged abuse by Penn.

Penn’s Attorney’s Request

In the UFC, a protection order was issued for the Big Island fighter in 2017. Shealen Taiga defended his right to privacy and denied her former lover’s request. The Hawaii Judiciary denied Penn’s attorney’s request for confidentiality, but it is not clear if she will be able to fight again. There is no way to say for sure whether Penn will fight the case in his next fight.

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