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How Much is Erik Cowie Net Worth?

If you have seen the television show “Tiger King”, you may have wondered how much Erik Cowie net worth is. Before being cast in the show, he was a zookeeper for Joe Exotic, and worked at the Greater Wynnewood Animal Funpark for five years. He was named head of the zoo by Exotic himself after joining the group. While the net worth of Erik Cowie is unknown, it is estimated that he was worth around $50 million.

The cause of Erik Cowie’s death is still unknown, but the city medical examiner is investigating whether or not there were any signs of meth use. The actor’s crooked teeth were not a result of meth use, and his dentist, Jeff Lowe, had installed dental implants for him. In the days before his death, Erik Cowie denied rumors about meth use. While he admitted that his crooked teeth were an early sign of old age, he said that his dental implants from Jeff Lowe had helped him achieve that. His height was approximately 5 feet 10 inches, which is a definite bonus. His net worth is estimated to be in the millions.

While most people are interested in his net worth, there are few details about the man’s personal life. Erik Cowie has avoided discussing his private life in public, often criticizing the show he stars in. As for his family, Cowie has not revealed information about his wife or children. He is believed to have married and have children, but he has not publicly shared pictures of his children. It is possible that he has a son, but it is unclear how much he is worth.

In the meantime, Cowie’s death may be the only piece of information available about his net worth. His death was attributed to acute and chronic alcohol abuse. He was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment bedroom at 5:30pm. Police responded to his death as unconscious when they arrived. In addition to working at an animal park, Cowie also had a troubled personal life. He had been arrested for DUI in the summer of 2021, and was charged on September 3 for failure to appear for a hearing. Despite his apparent lack of care, his death came as a shock.

Cowie’s career as a zookeeper was highlighted in the Netflix documentary Tiger King. Although Cowie had previously disappeared from the spotlight after Joe Exotic closed his zoo, he had spent years caring for animals. He rose to the position of Head Zookeeper in no time. His death has left many fans wondering how much he made. If you haven’t seen Tiger King, you should consider checking out his biography on the Netflix channel.

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