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Erin Carden

Cheated on Husband

Despite having two children and a career as a stand-up comedian, Erin Carden cheated on her husband for the majority of their marriage. She remained married to Titus for almost a decade, but divorced him in 2006 and has since gone on to get a divorce from him. In the aftermath, the couple’s relationship has come under fire, and Titus has apologized for cheating on his wife.


After a long marriage, the actor and comedian decided to separate. After being married for 15 years, Carden moved to Berlin, where she studied for a while. She later moved to Thailand, where she taught English. Her divorce from Titus was considered to be humorous in hindsight, but he refused to leave. The couple divorced in 2006, but Erin has not forgotten her husband and their daughter. Regardless of the reasons for their split, Titus has maintained a good public image.


After becoming a full-time actor, Carden began acting. She also pursued a career in real estate. After a stint in finance at Morgan Stanley, she was able to invest her money in her first investment property. The two married in 1991, and they later began dating. While they were living together, Carden decided to get married to Christopher Titus. They later separated on June 6, 2006. The couple has not dated since, but their relationship has been contentious.


Carden and Christopher Todd Titus were divorced in 2006, but their relationship had started in 1988. They now have two children. Their children, Elizabeth and Timothy, were born on October 1, 1964, in Newark, California. The two have been separated since 2006. After their divorce, Erin Carden has been spotted in 8 cities, including Conway, AR. However, she has not been seen since. This is not the end of their relationship, but a new beginning.

15 years of Marriage 

The couple was married on April 17, 1991. The couple later separated after the birth of their daughter Kennie Marie Titus. They divorced a year later, and their son was born in 2001. The couple remained together for about two years, but remained separated for two years. Both were married for 15 years. On June 6, 2006, they filed for a divorce. During their marriage, the couple had a daughter together.

First Pregnancy

They met on April 17, 1991 and later got pregnant on August 25, 2001. The marriage ended in divorce after the couple’s daughter was born. Her divorce from Titus was seen as a hilarity in hindsight. The couple have two children: Elizabeth and Christopher. They met in Germany and Thailand. The marriage lasted for fifteen years. In 2006, they divorced, but she refused to divorce Titus.

Facts about her Ex Husband 

Since January 28, 2011, Christopher Titus has been co-hosting the self titled Christopher Titus Podcast with his wife Bombshell Rae.Titus followed in his family’s footsteps, enlisting into the military as an Air Force Reservist in June 2011. He married Rachel Bradley in 2013. Currently he is 57 years old and his estimated net worth is 500 thousand dollars 

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