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Everleigh Hawkins


If you’re a fan of Taylor Hawkins, then you might already know that he has a daughter named Everleigh Hawks. The Hawkins’ children are one son and two daughters. Everleigh made a cameo appearance in the music video for Annabelle. The song ‘Middle Child’ is dedicated to her.

Father’s Career

Hawkins’ career as a singer has been marked by several notable achievements. The first was her lead vocals on the album Life of Illusion. Later, Hawkins played piano and guitar on various recordings. In addition, she sang lead vocals on the songs “Cold Day in the Sun” and “I Feel Free.” Hawkins later appeared on a cover album, Five Songs and a Cover, and released two singles – Life of Illusion and The Other Girl.

Net Worth

Hawkins married his wife Alison in 2005. They have three children: Shane, Annabelle, and Everleigh.  Everleigh Hawkins has become famous for her father, who has a net worth of $40 million. Currently, there are no reports about Everleigh Hawkins’ net worth. Her father, however, has made a fortune on his record. The album is available on iTunes and Amazon. It’s worth checking out his music to see if it’s a good fit for your tastes.

Recent Death of Taylor Hawkins 

The children of Taylor Hawkins are mourning their father’s death. They were the motivation for his music and career. He had two siblings, Jason and Heather. Despite these tragedies, his family is  proud of him. They praised him in his music and gave him the motivation to pursue his dream. You might also want to check out his other records and watch them as well.

Parents Love Life

Everleigh Hawkins’s father, Taylor Hawkins, is a famous drummer and a media face. His wife, Alison Hawkins, has not made a public statement about their relationship. However, the couple has made numerous public appearances on awards shows. She and Taylor Hawkins are also very close. It’s difficult to know which one is the real couple. And, despite all the drama and loss, Alison Hawkins’ family remains strong and proud.

Father Journey

His father, Taylor Hawkins, played drums for Foo Fighters before joining them. Hawkins was also a touring drummer for Alanis Morrissette and Sass Jordan. He was a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2021 and was voted as the “Best Rock Drummer” in 2005. The band’s success in the past decade helped make him a popular musician, and his family still loves to support the Hawkins family.

Song For His Son

Alison Hawkins and Taylor Hawkins have three children together. Alison Hawkins has never made a public statement about Taylor Hawkins’ passing. However, Taylor Hawkins has admitted writing a song about her son, Shane, with emotional lyrics like, “Son of mine/you’re ready for the big world.” Fortunately, Shane and Alison have a close relationship, and she is a prominent influence in her son’s career.

Shocked Fans

Hawkins’ death has shocked fans and family worldwide. He was just 50 years old. He had a wife, Alison Hawkins, and two kids, who were born in 2003. The drummer had a love for musicals and opened up about his fatherhood after marrying Alison Hawkins. His daughter might be just 12 years old. If she is, we wish her a speedy recovery and peace.


The Colombian government has pledged to reveal more information about the cause of Taylor Hawkins’ death. Meanwhile, tributes have been arranged to celebrate his life. Hawkins’ death was not the first tragic event in the band’s history. His wife, Alison, and three children are grieving the loss of Taylor Hawkins. He left a considerable amount of money to his family after his death. It is unclear what was the cause of Hawkins’ death.

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