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Lesa Hammett


You may know Lesa Hammett from a variety of roles including the voice of Naruto Uzumaki. Her work also includes Principal Perry in Disney XD’s Lab Rats. But did you know that she’s openly gay? If you’re curious, here’s some information you can use to find out more. Read on to learn about her life. This is just a brief profile of Lesa Hammett.

Couple Life

Lesa Hammett and Maile Flanagan have been spotted together a number of times. While their personal life is highly confidential, the two of them have been spotted together several times. Their secretive bond has been confirmed when Maile Flanagan included Lesa Hammett in her Emmy acceptance speech. But how much do they really love each other? Maile Flanagan has praised Hammett in numerous interviews, including when she received an Emmy award.


The English dub of Naruto features Maile Flanagan, the voice of Naruto Uzumaki. Hammett and Flanagan were married in 2008, but the date of the wedding was never revealed. Nevertheless, she has a public profile on Facebook and Twitter and is active on social networking sites. This is why she is a prominent voice in the English dub of Naruto. Lesa Hammett and Maile Flanagan have been linked since 2004.

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