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The aspiring internet sensation and activist, Lance Tsosie, married Nermina Mujkanovic on March 21, 2020. Tsosie, from the Navajo Nation, holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Denver and a Master’s in 2022 from Morgridge College of Education. Lance Tsosie is a public figure with over 3.2 million followers on TikTok. Although the couple have not revealed their marriage, it is believed that they met through friends and mutual acquaintances and later got married.

Planning to Marry

Lance Tsosie is expected to tie the knot in the near future. He has never revealed any information regarding his love life or a married couple. In fact, he has never spoken publicly about his better half, though it’s believed that he is currently dating a girl. It’s hard to say when he will tie the knot, but it’s a safe bet that he is planning to marry in the future.

Sexual Assault 

Despite Lance Tsosie’s popularity, the situation has turned ugly for the TikTok star. His ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Hart, has accused him of sexual assault and has posted video evidence proving it. Tsosie has denied Chelsea Hart’s accusations, but she has continued to post pictures of him having sex with others. Despite the allegations against him, he has not revealed any updates on the matter.

He has no Wife?

The Modern Warrior, Lance Tsosie, does not have a wife. While he has mentioned he plans to tie the knot in the past, he has yet to make any official announcement regarding the matter. Besides, he doesn’t want to make the public jealous of his life. But if Lance Tsosie does have a wife, he should not hide it from the world.

A Transgender 

While the social media star may be transgender, his relationship status is not. In public, he does not disclose his past relationships. In addition, he does not like the paparazzi to get his private life in the open. Hence, it is safe to assume that Lance Tsosie is not a transgender person. As far as his parents are concerned, he is an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential bid.

How his Love Story Started

Chelsea’s relationship with Lance has a long history. They met in high school, where Lance filmed themselves talking about his life. The video is widely available on YouTube. However, she hasn’t shared her family’s identity. However, she has often appeared in videos, which she has removed. The videos still remain on the internet. While Lance apologized to Chelsea in the video, he also noted their friendship.

Wife Career

Lance Tsosie is an avid social media personality who promotes native American rights. His comments on colonists and indigenous people have led to some criticism. His wife if he has is a prominent advocate of Native American rights and is a big fan of his videos. Her net worth is estimated at $ 1.5 million. And she has a thriving career. The social media personality has become a household name. While there are no details about her personal life, she is a social media icon.

Personal Controversy 

According to Insider, she did not reply to the publication’s request for comment. However, she said that the story of Tsosie and Hart were “identical.” Interestingly, Marie said that Tsosie had unprotected sex with her after telling her he wasn’t having sex with anyone else. However, this comment sparked debate in the comments section of Marie’s article. Some people interpreted it as an accusation of sexual misconduct.


In a series of videos, the modern warrior has shared Native American culture and updated news from his native lands. But despite his fame and popularity, the tik tok star has never been married. His real name is Lance Tsosie, but he is better known as the “Modern Warrior.”

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