Beyond The Bikini: Exploring Diverse Swimwear Options For You

The bikini is by far the most fashionable swimwear option for women. Nevertheless, the world of swimwear is not only about bikini brands. There will always be something with even better protection or more support, and you can choose something completely different. 

Whether you are a fan of a retro one-piece or a modern and stylish tankini, there are swimwear styles that will go with all body types and styles. Below are super alternatives to the bikini. Find your perfect swimsuit for this summer.

Sleek One-Pieces 

One-piece swimsuits are very adaptable compared to bikini brands from designer swimwear and can be worn in many styles. You can wear them with a sarong or shorts for a casual beach look or under a sheer cover-up for a more elegant and sophisticated vibe. Because of their secure and supportive fit, one-piece swimsuits are perfect for activities like swimming, surfing, or playing beach volleyball.

Trendy Tankinis

Tankinis are another popular choice for women who want more coverage than that offered by a bikini but still want the convenience of a two-piece swimsuit. With their tank-style tops and bikini bottoms, tankinis combine the best of both worlds. They are available in different styles and designs, from sporty and athletic to feminine and flirty. 

Tankinis are ideal for women who want more coverage around their midsection but want to mix and match tops and bottoms. They are also good for women with long torsos or larger busts, giving them the extra coverage and support that they need the most. Whether you like a regular solid color or a vibrant print, there is a tankini to match your taste. 

Flattering High-Waisted Bottoms 

High-waisted bikini bottoms are the current fashion trend for a good reason. Apart from being stylish and on-trend, they also offer additional coverage and support around the waist and tummy area. This makes them a suitable option for women of all shapes and sizes, as they help to smooth and shape your silhouette. 

High-waisted bikini bottoms are available in different styles, from retro-inspired briefs to modern high-cut styles. They can also be combined with various tops, from bandeau and halter styles to tankini and crop top styles. 

Supportive Underwire Tops

The search for a supportive swimsuit can be difficult for women with bigger busts. That’s what underwire tops are for. These swimsuits have built-in underwire bras for extra support and lift, so you will look and feel your best by the pool or in the waves. 

Underwire tops are available in different styles and designs, from traditional triangle tops to halter and bandeau tops. They are also available in various cup sizes so that you can choose the one that suits your body.  

Modest Swim Dresses 

For women who don’t love bikini brands but want a more modest look, swim dresses are a fashionable and convenient choice. These swimsuits have a built-in dress-style overlay that gives extra coverage for the hips, thighs, and rear. Besides, they are available in many styles and designs, from conventional black to fun and flirty ones, so you can choose the swim dress that matches your style. 

Swimdresses are ideal for women who want more coverage but do not want to compromise on style. They are also ideal for women who want to move smoothly from the beach to the boardwalk because they can easily be dressed up with sandals and accessories.

Active Swimwear

If you are going to be active in the water, such as swimming laps or playing volleyball, you will need a swimsuit that can keep you going. Active swimwear is created for performance; it possesses characteristics such as adjustable straps, built-in supportive bras, and chlorine-resistant fabrics. 

Active swimwear is available in various styles and prints, from stylish one-pieces to sporty tankinis and bikinis. It is further woven from materials that quickly dry and are breathable to keep you comfortable.


When it comes to swimwear, there are many other options than the usual bikini brands. Whether you like a slim one-piece, a trendy tankini, or a high-waisted bottom, there is a swimsuit for every body type and style. Thus, why confine yourself to just bikini brands? Dive into the wide world of swimwear and discover the swimsuit that will fit your requirements and look.

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