Benefits of Sublingual Immunotherapy

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) or allergy drops, such as the treatments provided by Curex, is beginning to hold a great deal of promise for people with allergies. The very important question arising is: how much value does sublingual immunotherapy really offer? This review studies the efficacy, safety, cost-effectiveness, and patient satisfaction of SLIT.

Many studies show that SLIT treatment significantly decreases symptoms and raises the quality of life in a great majority of patients. SLIT has been proven to decrease the symptoms of allergic rhinitis compared to placebo for several symptoms. Long-term SLIT treatment also proved to have substantial benefits by reducing symptoms and medication requirements for allergic rhinitis.

The majority of patients tolerate the SLIT well, and severe allergic reactions are infrequent with this medication. Common side effects are mostly mild, local symptoms that are usually short-lived, such as itching or swelling in the mouth or throat. Anaphylaxis is an infrequent but serious side effect that one should consult a health provider about to further discuss benefits and risks before starting treatment.

Another very important point is the cost-effectiveness of SLIT over other forms of treatments, either in the form of allergy shots or medications. The initial cost of SLIT may be high, but the long-run benefits, such as the reduced need for perennial allergy shots and visits to health care, may ensure that there are net savings in the long run.

Patient satisfaction with SLIT is very high; a great number of patients perceive an improvement in their allergic condition and in their quality of life. Most importantly, contributing to patient satisfaction is the convenience of SLIT, which can be given at home without the necessity of repetitive visits to the allergy clinic. Most patients also appreciate the low incidence of side effects as compared to other treatments. 

In summary, SLIT is a safe, effective, and rather convenient method of sublingual immunotherapy High effectiveness and a good safety profile make them, perhaps, cost-effective when compared with other therapies. For those wondering about treatment options for allergies, SLIT could be a viable option.

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