7 Fire Safety Tips For Your Business

Fire safety should be at the forefront of any business owner’s mind. Businesses are legally obligated to have certain safety measures in place to prevent and mitigate the threat of fires and also to ensure the safety of employees in the event of a disaster. These tips will help your business stay safe.


#1 Install (and check) alarms


Fire alarms are a legal obligation for most businesses, but they’re useless if not checked frequently. Most fire alarms will emit a high trill when their batteries are running low, but you should still test all your alarms at least every six months. Alarms are your first line of defense, so always ensure that they’re in good working order.


#2 Conduct regular fire drills


A fire drill shows your employees where to go in case of an emergency. It demonstrates the quickest route out of the building, the location of fire exits, and also shows people where to assemble outside. Fire drills aren’t hugely time-consuming, but they are important. Perform them regularly rather than simply relying on verbal information.


#3 Appoint a fire warden


All workplaces should have at least one appointed fire warden. This is a member of staff trained to respond to a fire emergency. They’ll know the escape routes, the location of the fire exits and be charged with marshaling staff outside. They might even be trained in the use of firefighting equipment like hydrants. Ensure that your workplace has a warden and that everybody knows who it is.


#4 Install the best equipment


Fire hydrants, extinguishers, and sprinklers can make all the difference if a fire breaks out. Many businesses turn to trusted suppliers like to not only source their equipment but offer advice. A fully-fledged fire protection service will be able to advise you on the best equipment to suit your business, its needs, and its layout.


#5 Use fire safety signs


Fire safety signs tell employees what to do if they discover a fire and where to go if the fire alarm sounds. They’re vitally important, but only if used correctly. Ensure that they’re well placed in areas where they’re easy to see. Use pictures that are simple to understand at a glance and large text. Fire safety signs should always be displayed in well-lit areas.


#6 Practice good fire safety


This simply means keeping the workplace uncluttered and free from flammable materials. An excess of paper, cardboard boxes, and waste can easily catch fire. Any flammable liquids should be kept outside or in a secure environment. Similarly, avoid clutter along the floors that could bar escape routes.


#7 Ensure electrical control panels are accessible


Control panels allow you to shut down machines in the event of an emergency. Make sure that these are easy to access and aren’t obstructed. Better still, signpost them so that they can be located quickly if a problem does develop. All employees should be aware of these panels and how to use them.


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