Vacationing Abroad? Here Are The Items You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Getting ready to go away can be stressful. With the endless lists and the last-minute checks, sometimes it’s better to keep things simple. If you’re planning a trip abroad, here are the essential items you shouldn’t leave home without.


Your passport


It seems obvious, but you can’t get far without a passport. It gives you the freedom to move between countries and to experience new things, so make sure yours is up-to-date and ready for travel. You may be asked to show it when checking into hotels or making airline reservations, and it will facilitate your crossings at border posts if you are planning on visiting several countries on the same trip.


A reliable phone


Having a reliable phone is essential for a successful trip abroad. It will allow you to speak with friends and family, keep in touch with your financial institution if a card is lost or stolen, and help provide translation services if there are language barriers.


A mobile phone should be small enough that it can fit in a pocket or handbag. Make sure it is easy to use and that it will work in different time zones, so you’re not caught out when you arrive.


Portable charger


Don’t let your phone and other devices run out of battery when you need it most. Portable chargers are small enough to fit in your bag but can recharge a dead battery in just 30 minutes. There are three main types:


– External batteries pack more juice than regular chargers and will charge any device that charges via USB.


– Battery packs sit in your pocket and charge when you’re on the move, making them ideal for day trips or hiking expeditions.


– Solar chargers allow you to keep devices running even when there is no electricity supply available. They run on a solar panel and include USB ports so you can plug in your phone or tablet.


A good backpack


Often, the best strategy for vacationing abroad is to pack light. A great backpack can be fitted to your needs. Choose something with a padded laptop and tablet case and external pockets to keep smaller items safe.


Some people like to bring back larger items from their trips abroad that can be difficult to fit in a suitcase or backpack. If that sounds like you, don’t forget to check the various requirements for moving goods in and out of a country. HLOG is an experienced logistics provider that specializes in customs clearance.


Travel insurance 


Travel insurance is important even if you are only going for a few days. It will cover your expenses if illness or injury prevents you from keeping travel arrangements and will give you peace of mind when visiting new countries. The type of travel insurance you need depends on where you’re traveling.


Your wallet


It’s a good idea to store your money, credit cards, and identification documents in a secure place. A tiny pocket wallet can be worn around the neck with an added safety device so you don’t lose it if it slips out of your pocket or bag. Choose a wallet that can be easily removed from its cord, and then store it in a different place to your cards (in case of fire or theft).


With these essential items, your vacation abroad should be stress-free!

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