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Fler: How much wealth does the German bad boy have?

How much money does Fler have?

Compared to his rap colleagues, Fler has made relatively few live appearances in recent years. Due to the lack of sources of income and the failed business ideas, Patrick Losensky only has a manageable fortune. There is also a loft in the Steglitz-Zehlendorf district and a Range Rover. Even the exact address of the loft is known, as Fler has already disclosed it several times in disputes. Since we want to protect the rapper’s privacy a bit, we will not give the address here. The cherished Fler’s assets are EUR 800,000.

Fler’s career

Flers income
Hardly any rapper has been in the media as long as Fler from Berlin. He has been publishing music since 2002 and can rely on a turbulent career look back. At first he played with the image of the German patriot, which earned him numerous headlines. In 2005 he even made it into 14th place among the most annoying Germans. Even after that, he made it into the media again and again, including in 2014 when he threatened a journalist from the “world”. This had previously made fun of the rapper in a gloss.

Aside from music, Fler tried his hand at numerous branches of business. However, his first attempt in the fashion industry with the Psalm 23 brand failed. His entry into the fitness industry didn’t get the attention he wanted either. With his label Masculine and the clothing brand of the same name, however, the Berliner was able to record numerous successes.

Childhood of Patrick Losensky alias Fler

Life with Fler hadn’t meant too badly, actually. Although his birth father left the family when the rapper was a child, his stepfather took good care of him. His mother worked as a seamstress and tried to make everything possible for him. Still, Patrick Losensky has a bad relationship with his mother. Although she seems to provide him with material things, the Berliner does not feel understood. He’s freaking out more and more, until he’s finally fifteen psychiatry lands. Due to the family differences, he no longer comes home afterwards, but from now on lives in a home. There he begins training as a painter and varnisher, but also begins Graffiti to spray. With his skills as a sprayer, he quickly made a name for himself and decorated house walls and trains in the capital of Germany.

Musical career

Fler fortune
During his apprenticeship, Fler also got to know Bushido, from now on the two of them mainly devote themselves to music. In 2002 the joint album “Carlo Cokxxx Nutten” was released, and in 2003 he was featured six times on Bushido’s album “Vom Bordstein bis zur Skyline”. After the album, Bushido leaves the record company aggro Berlin, Fler remains true to the label with the saw blade. For this reason, a long and tough feud arises, in which Fler is even attacked by stabbers after appearing on MTV. Musically, however, Fler is going up, he regularly rises into the top 10 of the album and single charts. Aggro Berlin closes in 2009, and Fler will leave the music label shortly before that. This is followed by the reconciliation with Bushido and another collaboration album “Carlo Cokxxx Nutten 2”. However, the collaboration doesn’t last long, after a solo album Patrick decides to do his own thing and founds Masculine.

From now on he publishes his own albums there and signs artists like Silla, G-Hot, Nicone, Sentino and Jalil. Currently only Jalil is under contract with the label. In 2011, Fler also published his biography “In the back of the bus: A German story”, which entered the Spiegel bestseller list at number 13. In 2015 Fler was able to climb to the top of the charts for the first time with the album “Keiner geht Klar mit mir”. In 2016 he was able to achieve this feat again with the LP “Vibe”. With the collaboration album “Epic” together with Jalil, Fler entered the charts again in 2017 at number 1.

Fler and the Beef with competitors

Fler never avoids a fight and is known for his Berlin snout. Therefore, there have been numerous disputes on his way. He led a long feud with buddy Bushido, which was always ended and started again. At the moment, however, the relationship seems to be good again. Fler also has disputes with his former label colleague Sido. Since his reconciliation with Bushido, Flizzy has already published numerous disstracks and allusions to the mask man Sido.

Fler also has friction and conflicts with Farid Bang and Kollegah. Banger and Boss have been teasing the Berliner since 2009, who of course always replied promptly. Numerous disstracks were also exchanged here. While Kollegah and Fler continue to verbally smash their heads, things have been relatively quiet between Farid Bang and Fler lately.

Also with his former artists Fler often broke up in an argument. For example, Flizzy published a phone call with Silla in which Silla was heavily drunk and uttered questionable things. He’s also eagerly piqued with Animus, an artist from the masculine environment. When Animus waited outside Fler’s apartment, the argument almost ended in a physical altercation.

The sources of income of Fler

Fler’s income doesn’t just come from his music, but also from various ancillary businesses. Patrick Losensky, for example, owns the Maskulin label, which not only offers music but also threads drives out. In addition, you can also buy nutritional supplements and a fitness program from the Berliner.

1 Merit through music

Fler has released a total of twenty albums since 2002, including 15 solo albums and 6 collab albums. There are also four mix tapes, eight label samplers, an EP and a best-of album. His albums are released on the Aggro Berlin label until 2009, a few years later Fler says that he hardly made any money with them and had to start over from 2009. After a brief stint on Bushido’s label ersguterjunge, Flizzy founds his own record company, Masculin, and publishes his own albums. As a result, he earns a lot more on a CD than before. He earns around 40% of the sales price per album. Since most albums cost around 18 euros when they go on sale, Fler earns around 7 euros per CD sold. In addition, there is of course the income from music streaming providers such as Spotify and Apple Music as well as YouTube, with which he continues to increase his fortune.

2 Income from the masculine label

In addition to their own albums, there is a joint project with Silla, 2 solo albums by Silla and one by Jalil. In addition, four label samplers were brought onto the market. Besides music, you know Masculine also by selling clothes. Fler clearly differentiates between merchandise and fashion brands. T-shirts, hoodies, jeans, jogging pants, caps, sports clothing and much more are sold under the Masculin brand.

3 Further income through merchandise

Before the masculine was launched as a fashion brand, Flizzy was always very busy producing fan merchandise. At the start of Masculine this became less and less until it was stopped completely at some point. For the last album “Vibe” you can buy pure merchandise again.

4th Additional business with Fitness products

Another mainstay of Fler is “Masculine IP“, Which was developed together with the fitness YouTuber Simon Teichmann. The special thing about it should be that it is not a fitness program that you can only use for a few weeks, but a system that you can benefit from for the rest of your life. However, with this extensive system he was significantly slower than his competition, which is why he was able to benefit significantly less from the fitness hype than others.

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