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Georg Kofler: The wealth of the entrepreneur

How rich is Dr. Georg Kofler?

In the past, Georg Kofler had achieved great things mainly behind the TV scenes. After all, he was responsible for first saving ProSieben and later also Premiere, the well-known pay-TV broadcaster, from collapse. When the native South Tyrolean succeeded, he was not in front of the camera for a long time. However, that should change with the TV format “Die Höhe der Löwen”. The visiting juror appeared there as an investor with his own fortune. This naturally raises the question of how much money Georg Kofler really has. The cherished Dr. Georg Kofler is 150 million euros. Around 5 million euros are added every year.

Careers at ProSieben and Premiere

As early as 2011, the newspaper “Die Welt” attested that the manager and entrepreneur had achieved a lot. At that time he was praised as “the most successful manager in German private television”. After all, this man made it at the age of only 31 Not only to save ProSieben from ruin. Rather, he helped the group to its role as a large, important broadcasting group. He also contributed to the successful IPO in 1997.

He was also able to reorganize Premiere AG and float it on the stock exchange in 2005. With a trading volume of 14.5 billion euros, it was the largest IPO of a media company to date. The European media landscape has shaped today’s veteran to a large extent. However, he is not only responsible for successes. Because as the “FAZ” reported, Kofler had simply gambled away with the Bundesliga rights, which brought the stock market price of Premiere a real downturn. In 2007, Kofler left the group and sold his shares for 100 million euros. Despite the failures, Premiere thus had a large share in the TV manager’s current private fortune.

Georg Kofler returns to TV

Georg Kofler's fortune
In the meantime, Kofler had left the media industry due to his failures. Initially, he was successful with a company that provided energy efficiency advice to large corporations. However, the IPO was soon followed by the delisting of Kofler’s company, so this success should not last. So he was drawn back to his “old home.”

The entrepreneur explained the step back into the media world in such a way that YouTube inspired him to do so. the Glow Media Group, which initially dealt with the marketing of YouTube stars, the entrepreneur owned 60 percent. “GLOW Innovations”, which was founded together with Judith Williams to manage the investments from DHDL, was dissolved again and the startups split up. Since 2018, Kofler has been the majority shareholder of the company “The Social Chain AG“And bundled all of its companies under the umbrella of the public limited company. All investments are also managed there. In 2021 he bought the entire DS group including the lion Ralf Dümmel for € 220.5 million.

Investments made (deals) at DHDL

So he has turned his back on the traditional media and is now breaking new ground. However, this is not entirely true, since the father of three ends up with the TV format “The lion’s den“Was also seen on classic TV, where he invests his fortune in startups. “Communication, Marketing and E-Commerce” were the corporate areas for which the entrepreneur, according to his own statement, was particularly enthusiastic as an investor in the context of the show. It is no coincidence, by the way, that Kofler stepped in for Judith Williams when she was unable to film for the TV format due to illness. Because the entrepreneurial partnership between the two had existed for a long time.

The following deals actually came about during or after the broadcast:

Season 10 – Fall 2021

  • CATLABS – cat toys (37,500 euros for 15%)
  • independesk – desk rental (100,000 euros for 7.5%)

Season 9 – Spring 2021

Season 8 – Fall 2020

  • Vytal – delivery packaging for restaurants (450,000 euros for 12.5%)

Season 6 – 2019

  • Weedo – children’s snowsuit (100,000 euros for 30%)

Season 5 – 2018

  • Ello – electric rollator (200,000 euros for 15%)
  • Man Upgrader – Make-up for men (150,000 euros for 49%)

Season 4 – 2017 (As a replacement for Judith Williams)

  • Artnight – artist workshops (150,000 euros for 10%)

Since Judith Williams and Georg Kofler invested together under the Glow Media Group from 2016 to 2017, the split of the investments followed after the separation. The following joint DHDL holdings went to the entrepreneur:

  • Pony Puffin – hair care accessories (65,000 euros for 49%)
  • 3Bears – Porridge (75,000 euros for 15%)
  • penta-sense – anti-tooth decay lozenges (75,000 euros for 15%)
  • Limberry – Dirndl (125,000 euros for 10%)
  • Mabyen – Baby Spa (1250,000 euros for 51%)

Further shares

For DHDL Investments, the entrepreneur bought the brand and online shop “barefoot living” from actor Til Schweiger in April 2020. This was incorporated into the subsidiary Urbanara GmbH and should allow the gigantic fortune to grow further.

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© Raimond Spekking [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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