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Michael Patrick Kelly: The Singer’s Fortune

How rich is Michael Patrick Kelly?

Paddy Kelly is still known to the world today mainly because he belongs to one of the most successful and well-known European families of musicians of all time. Even if the Irishman is now doing his own thing musically: The singer clan, the Kelly Family, made today’s successes possible in the first place. The third youngest member of this family, who is now married and lives in the countryside in southern Germany, started his solo career in 2003.

Patrick and his siblings had previously sold over 20 million records in the 1990s. Like his brother Joey Kelly, Michael also inherited a sum of 1.4 million euros. Despite the fact that the Kelly family were so famous, there wasn’t too much of their fame and fortune left. The cherished Michael Patrick Kelly’s net worth is € 2 million.

Michael Patrick Kelly in the monastery

Income from Michael Patrick Kelly
Finding his own identity was not always easy for Michael Patrick Kelly given his early fame. In search of himself, he even lived in the monastery for a few years. In the end, however, he returned to music. Michael Patrick Kelly became a monk shortly after his solo debut: In March 2003 he celebrated his first album. end In 2004 the star went to a monastery in Burgundy, France. There the singer lived under the name Brother John Paul Mary.

During this period of isolation from the outside world, Patrick Kelly was having a hard time with his Study of philosophywhich lasted four years. He also studied theology for a year before moving to a Belgian monastery. In November 2010 he turned his back on this monastery, which the musician justified not only with health problems. Rather, it was also an urgent need for him to finally become musically active again.

Paddy Kelly as a musician

In 2011 there was one on the initiative of Michael Patrick Kelly Christmas tour called “Silent Night – a musical Christmas story”. The singer traveled across the country with his siblings Kathy, Joey and Patricia. This project was an excellent opportunity for the ex-monk to live out his faith and art at the same time. In the following year, Patrick’s musical career still had a lot to do with his faith. With his agape solo project, the star was seen in ten German churches.

Successful concerts & tour

Fortune of Michael Patrick Kelly
These were all concerts for a good cause that were completely sold out. The songs that Michael Patrick Kelly performed came from his time in the monastery. He worked with Caritas International, among others, to carry out the tour. From the summer of 2013 until the autumn of the following year there was 58 “Solo and Unplugged” concerts, in which the thoroughbred musician presented songs from his first solo album, Kelly Family hits and cover titles.

In the meantime his siblings have gone on tour together again. But this time without paddy. He prefers to pursue his solo career, which also takes place on German TV. Whether at “Sing my song” or “The Voice of Germany”, With his many appearances on TV, Kelly has proven that he has fans in the different age groups and is also relevant to the television audience. Michael Patrick Kelly hosted the show for Sing mein Song 2019, the sixth season of the successful format. With his solo single “iD” from 2017, Kelly only reached number 57 in the charts, but at least achieved gold status. This member of the Kelly Family will probably live out his love of music for at least as long as he has at least a few listeners.

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