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gladys kilmer

Gladys Kilmer

Gladys Swanette Kilmer was born on Jan. 30 1895 in Keller, Texas. She passed away on Oct. 26 1994 in West, Texas 76691.

She was married to Eugene Dorris Kilmer, an aerospace equipment distributor and real estate developer. They had two children: Mark and Wesley Kilmer.

Val was raised a Christian Scientist and went to school at Chatsworth High School in Los Angeles. He also attended Hollywood Professional School.

Gladys Erdmannsdorfer

Gladys Erdmannsdorfer was born in 1930 in Sutherland, Virginia, where she grew up in a farming community dominated by sharecroppers. She was a bright child who ranked among the top two students in her high school graduating class and earned full-ride scholarships to the Historically Black College of Virginia, now known as Virginia State University. She devoted herself to the study of math, eventually earning her master’s degree and teaching at a racially segregated university. She continued to teach math after her retirement in 1991 and has helped hundreds of students of color achieve academic success.

She has also served as a mentor to young students of color in the College of Agriculture, Human, and Natural Resources at Washington State University. Her philanthropic activities have included donations to the Talmadge Anderson Heritage House and the National Organization of Blacks in Dietetics and Nutrition.

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