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John Wesley Dean III was born on 14th October 1938 in Akron, Ohio. His family moved to Marion soon after his birth.

He attended Flossmoor grade school and Staunton Military Academy for high school. He later went to Colgate University and The College of Wooster. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in 1961 and a Juris Doctor in 1965.

Watergate Scandal

John Dean is a famous American attorney who was the White House Counsel for US President Richard Nixon. He is known for being a key figure in the Watergate Scandal and its cover-up.

He served as a White House Counsel from July 1970 until April 1973, during which time he was involved in events that led to the Watergate break-in. He was a witness to the scandal and helped to implicate Nixon in its cover-up.

A member of the Watergate Committee, he was a crucial figure during its hearings. He gave critical testimony that helped to show that Nixon was the mastermind of the scandal’s cover-up.

He also served as the director of a special investigation into possible involvement of White House personnel in the Watergate case. He refused to issue a false report denying that the White House was involved in Watergate, and when he became aware of the increasing implication of White House involvement, he began to tell federal investigators what he knew.


Politics is an extremely important subject to understand, especially as a teenager or sixth form student. It involves the actions of the government and the people who work for or against it. It can also be a very exciting one to study, as it’s often full of theory and debate.

Dean is a former lawyer and politician who has served in several high-profile positions. He has written numerous books on his experience in the Watergate scandal, and he continues to lecture across the country.

He was born on October 14, 1938, in Akron, Ohio. He graduated from Colgate University in 1961, and he went on to receive a Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University Law Center in 1965.


John Dean is an American attorney who served as White House counsel for President Richard Nixon. He became famous during the Watergate scandal, and he is still well known today. He wrote several books about his experiences and was a crucial part of the Watergate trial.

He received his bachelor’s degree from Colgate University (Hamilton, New York) in 1961 and a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center (Washington, D.C.) in 1965. He started his career as a chief minority (Republican) counsel to the House Judiciary Committee at a Washington firm, and was later appointed by Richard Nixon as an associate deputy attorney general.

After leaving the White House, Dean became a commentator on contemporary politics and a book author. He is an outspoken critic of the Republican Party, especially its support for Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump, as well as neoconservatism, strong executive power, and mass surveillance.


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John Dean is a prominent figure in American politics and public life who became famous for his role in the Watergate scandal. He has written a number of books and is a frequent commentator on contemporary political issues.

Dean has also been a critic of the Republican Party and its support for Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump, as well as neoconservatism, strong executive power, mass surveillance, and the Iraq War.

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